Youll Never Know - The Chantels - Look In My Eyes: The Best Of The Carlton & Ludix Years

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Look in My Eyes. Richard Barrett. The Chantels. Glad to Be Back. Well, I Told You. Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere. Here It Comes Again. I Pray for Love. You'll Never Know. That's California Dream Express - Peter, Sue & Marc - On Top You're Happy.

Swamp Water. Some Tears Fall Dry. Look in My Eyes Richard Barrett. The Lamplighters - Bo Peep 2. The Drivers - Midnight Hours 7. The Sheiks - So Fine 8. The Orchids - All Night Long The Carpets - Chicken Backs The Drivers - Oh Miss Nellie The Tenderfoots - La Verne [Unissued] The Checkers - Mama's Daughter The Four Jacks - Goodbye Baby Bob Pegg Records Jukebox Vol. Bring Back Yesterday Volume 3. Caronators - This Is The Time 5. Crawford Brothers - I Ain't Guilty 7. Youll Never Know - The Chantels - Look In My Eyes: The Best Of The Carlton & Ludix Years Droppers - Story Untold Four Buddies - Look Out Four Gents - On Bended Knee Maytones - My Heart Is Cryin' Romeos Στην Πιο Φτωχή Την Γειτονιά - Νίκος & Γιώργος Τζαβάρας* - Νειάτα Νειάτα Let's Be Partners Sawyer Sisters - Here I Am Shadows - Better Than Gold Street Singers - Caldonia's Mambo Bring Back Yesterday - Vol 1.

Posted By Markus 1. My Chick Is Fine 2. You Can't Go It Alone 3. Big Willie Broke Jail Tonight 4. Short On Love 5. Linda 6. A Little Kiss 7. Whisper 8. Queen Of The Stars 2 9. Listen Priscilla 1 Happy End In Switzerland Vaya Con Dios For Stealing Her Away I'm Coming Home Lost And Found Something You've Got It Feels So Good Need You All The Time Autumn Breeze Turn Around Touch On Your Heart My Scrapbook Memories Of Heidelberg Wonderful Rainbow Queen Of The Stars 1 The Ravens - Lilacs in the Rain 2.

Syncopators - Out in the Cold Again 3. The Ravens - Count Every Star 4. Four Barons - Lemon Squeezer 5. Four Buddies - I Will Wait 6. Four Buddies - My Summer's Gone 7. Falcons - You're the Beating of My Heart 9. The Carols - Fifty Million Women Dreams Canst Thou Not Weave Bonelace - Pete Castle - Rambling Robin Darlene Roamers - Chop Chop Ching a Ling The Pretenders-Guardian Angel Jo-Ann - Baby Doll Skinnie Minnie 2.

Christmas cards 3. Santa Claus 4. Blue again 5. Naughty lady of shady lane 6. More than ever now 7. Dreamboat 8. Tika tika tok 9. Youll Never Know - The Chantels - Look In My Eyes: The Best Of The Carlton & Ludix Years mambo Keep me in mind Where will the dimple be Give a fool a chance Banjo's back in town Go on by Hernando's highway Twenty tiny fingers Love and marriage Sycamore tree Don't ringa da bell Funny funny funny Summer love That's happines What you're done to me Love is Wouldn't it be loverly With a little bit of luck Boyzone - A Different Beat Stairway of love Volare This little girl's gone rockin' Once in a while Musi be santa Chats Submitted by: Camilla Talking Bird.

Health Scent Submitted by: Karen Smith. Other Artists: Check the indexes below for other performers on the site, or use google search to search the entire site. She still performs her hit records in oldies concerts. There are additional songs titles that answer other songs available. Original Lyrics: Maybe, if I cry everyday You'll come back to stay.

I'm in my prime I'll leave in time Herman, love me please Or darling, set me free Original Lyrics: You said it that time So glad you're all mine What's it to be? Story about this misheard lyric by: Kate Karp Nothing much.


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