You Belong To Me (Zoutmans You Funk Mix) - Various - Hi-Bias ADE 2010

Download You Belong To Me (Zoutmans You Funk Mix) - Various - Hi-Bias ADE 2010

Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. Features Interviews Lists. Streams Videos All Posts. Release Date April 25, Track Listing - Disc 1. Mary Ann. Ray Charles. Everything Must Change. Benard Ighner. Shirley Horn. How Sweet It Is. Freddy Cole. Tom Waits. Diana Krall. Saudade Da Bahia. Dorival Caymmi. Luciana Souza. Cassandra Wilson. Lizz Wright. Cry Me a River. Arthur Hamilton. Linda Ronstadt. In the Winelight. Kurt Elling. HB 18 Feb You Belong To Me (Zoutmans You Funk Mix) - Various - Hi-Bias ADE 2010 Deep House.

Smalltown Boy. It's My Sound. Catch The Wave. Don't Hide Your Love. HB- You Belong To Me (Zoutmans You Funk Mix) - Various - Hi-Bias ADE 2010 Jan 15 Deep House. Deko Ze vs Nick Fiorucci.

Feel Love. Usually, house albums can feel like a collection of tunes that have been put out for the sake of it, but this is some truly killer gear, a wonderful collection of house-centric oddities that work wonders on the dance floor, and equally well on the headphones.

Ranging from subtle, Chicago-style house to more tech-minded, contemporary grooves, it really is a work of beauty. There's plenty to get stuck into for all house lovers here, and it surely has to be house album of the week from us. VF 11 Mar 16 Techno. House Generation. Robert Feelgood - "Whatever!

Nick Fiorucci. Object Of My Lover - Whigfield - Whigfield II. HB 11 Sep 07 Electro House.

Give Me Love. Gotta Hold You. You can and should walk around, downstep on the beat, humming the syncopated part until no one wants to be seen with you in public. Sign In. If I wanted to take a random song and make it a jazz song, do I use the same chords but only alter them to make them sound "jazzier"? Update Cancel. How to fix arthritis and joint pain. Do this daily to help with arthritis and joint pain. Watch More. You dismissed this ad. The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future.

Answer Wiki. Answered Oct 31, If the harmonic rhythm still seems sluggish not enough new chords--sounds too harmonically uninterestingadd in lots of extra secondary ii-V's. Even better, just throw in lots of Even better, just throw in lots of random chord substitutions, and to make it sound "right" throw in ii-V's that make it sound like you really meant the weird chord substitution.

If you want a more Trip H.L.M. - Candida* - Trip H.L.M., airy, esoteric reharm, find a single jazz chord-- such as a m7 chord with a root that doesn't clash--probably go with the dorian mode--the root of the 2nd scale degree--anything sounds good over dorian --and You Belong To Me (Zoutmans You Funk Mix) - Various - Hi-Bias ADE 2010 replace all chords with just that chord for at least four bars.

This is considered more like the modal jazz sound. You could venture from the cliche but still good sounding m7 and use a mM7, or augmented chord, or a smoky m6, or make up some really weird chord that only sounds good when voiced in very specific ways. If you want a more traditional, 30's, 40's, dixieland, etc. This may require that you double up some measures with two chords to make it work or add in a vi, ii, V or just ii, V to doggy paddle around in some other way until the melody sounds like it can move on--or, you can once in a while move chords to a 3rd or tritone away.

What topics should I learn to understand jazzy things like that? If a pro guitarist were to play a random song he hadn't played before but has all the chords memorized Still Flyin - Perfect Future, does he need to practice the chord c Frank Zappa.

Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention album discography. Freak Out! Congress Shall Make No Law


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