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Those are all normal reactions. You just know that it was the right relationship for you. I'm guessing this relationship has been "over" for a while for you, emotionally at least, so you were more emotionally prepared for it. That said you may have some sad days from time to time over this, regardless of how good you feel today, and that is normal too! Ya I agree with thistledown. Everyone feels and responds differently. Just go with how it feels and process what comes as it comes.

About 2 weeks ago I put one of my dogs down. I was destroyed for 2 days and then perfectly fine. I felt weird about feeling fine but left it at that. A week later out of nowhere I lost my shit again for 15 minutes at a red light There's really no predicting your sub conscious. Good luck. If you feel bad about not feeling bad, you aren't really not feeling bad. Sometimes it's right for things to end. It's sad, and you might feel sorry for yourself, but if you did the right thing, ultimately you'll feel okay about it.

Don't be surprised if you feel sad again, you'll have your moments, but in the end, you know what you did was right and you don't have to be brokenhearted if you're not.

Generally speaking, she or he who does the breaking up usually feels a lot less bad than Voni Morrison - I Feel Sorry For Me / To Broke To Break other person. Plus you've already started the grieving process of losing him before you did the deed. Honestly, when I've broken up with people, I've felt a lot better pretty quickly, usually because I'd spent a long time getting to the point of the break-up. Particularly if you didn't have a lot of life stuff together shared housing, pets, a child, retirement plans, etc your life isn't nearly as upended as it might be.

I feel regret even now that I had to make them feel bad when they were good people, and in one case I wish I'd done a better job about how to break up Robert Gordon With Link Wray - Robert Gordon With Link Wray I hurt someone more than had to happen.

But I didn't spend many, many days afterward feeling actively horrible about the break-up itself. I think if you break up with someone because they have really done you wrong, it is different because you have more anger, regret, shock, etc.

Here's the thing - reading what you said, it sounds like you'd been feeling awful, for quite some time. You Voni Morrison - I Feel Sorry For Me / To Broke To Break did a lot of your mourning before the breakup technically happened, but after you feared, then knew, that it would.

Just because the moment of "This isn't working, goodbye" came partway through your Feeling Shitty cycle instead of at the very start doesn't mean that cycle didn't run its course. The end of a relationship is a grieving process, so it's complicated.

It can come in waves and change over time. The fact that you're writing this, and asking these questions shows that you're actually still grieving and feeling the loss. That's healthy and great. When you're really 'over it' as people say then the relationship will just be information, and Voni Morrison - I Feel Sorry For Me / To Broke To Break won't be wondering how you should or shouldn't feel about it.

Let yourself feel everything you feel, as it comes, even if its feeling OK. You made a good decision for both of you. I was her first kiss and first deep love. And I told her from day one that Im serious about her and won't be playing around. We used to fight sometimes, but a single miss u msg would sort thing out.

Last December was her birthday, we fought 2 days before it and she said hurtful words so i didn't text her or call her on her BD. I went back home and she started texting me after a couple of days, I accepted her apology and even spoke to my parents that I love this girl and really considered getting engaged. When she knew about it she was so happy and said that even if we don't get engaged soon it's ok as long as I'm serious and my parents know about her.

She even started talkin to my mom as sisters. The next day we had a silly fight, she started shouting then she didn't pick up my callsI changed my FB password we remained NC for 10 days. Then I tried to call and she said that everything is over, I told her no it is not we have to talk, she refused. I tried to contact her after some days and she didn't answer, I even sent her flowers to her work and she refused them. Suddenly after 2 days she texted me that she's gonna get engaged soon and that I shouldn't call her and cause her troubles 2 weeks Voni Morrison - I Feel Sorry For Me / To Broke To Break the silly fight!!

I was shockedddI tried to call her maybe 60 times and sent like 10 messages and no answer!! I didn't beleive her first as i thought she's playing me.

I kept trying to call and text for 1 week I even texted a lot on valentine's eve. Then on my off day I went to check her sister's FB page to find a picture of her in the engagement part.

I paniced, felt knives cutting my heart. I texted her saying that she is such a cheater and doesn't deserve my love. I cried as well but said I couldn't take her back. After 2 days I called her to say that in case we could go back she should call the engagement off. She said yes but she can't bcz her father will get mad and i should propose directly after she leaves the other Voni Morrison - I Feel Sorry For Me / To Broke To Break. I refused sure and told her that we should wait a couple of months before we get engaged to cool the fire and for the sake of both parents.

She refused and went to say that she would stick to the other guy and that she left me bcz of this and that I always tease her. I tried to call later and no answer. Until one day i texted her and she replied that i should forget her and she's gonna get married. I saw her that day for 5 mins in a mall i hold her hands with tears in my eyes.

She promised she will try her Voni Morrison - I Feel Sorry For Me / To Broke To Break to convince her father to leave that guy, but deep inside me I knew that won't happen and the father will refuse. My doubts were true he refused and she told me we should forget each other and that she loves me and hates the other guy.

I felt shattered, lost and wished to die. I knew it's over so I planned a vaccation with friends to Thailand but though before I leave I should see her. I went to her work stared at her for 5 mins and she said that I shouldn't be there.

I left with tears and she called me before I boardeed tha plane and said she loves me and would never forget me in her life, but said that she would never regret anything cz she Voni Morrison - I Feel Sorry For Me / To Broke To Break her best with her father, I said that this is not true and if she loved me how can she take a big decision like that knowing that it will end everything and even I asked her to come with me and run from everything and she said she wishes she can.

I left to thailandfirst 4 days were nice. Then I suddenly started to imagine her in every nice place I visit. Last 2 days were horrible, I even started having dreams of her making love to the other guy and that killed me big time.

So I went back decided to talk to her for the last time. So I went to her work and she told me not to come inside. She called from her office asking why did I come to see her.

I told her that i still lover her and that she should fight for our love and I would do anything to be together, she said there is no hope, and that she started to get annoyed from my visits and that if I didn't stop she will call her parents and tell them.

I even felt worse that day, took another 1 week off work and went to my home country. I was s down even my family were concerned, I had dreams every day checked my mobile for any msgs. Well to cut it short It has been 49 days since I last time saw her, and i got to know that she got married 2 weeks ago and strange enough 1 day before her wedding she was logging in my FB acoount as she knows the password she did that all the time which killed me knowing that she still has feeling for me.

I still have bad dreams of her making out with the other man on a daily basis. Note: the other guy is totally not her type but he is financially good as her parents tell her. Im a good looking guy as many say with a decent job as well.

Can she really love me and take these decisions and spend her life with another guy eventhough she says that she loves me!!? I thought we had many things in common and we used to say that eventhough we fight a lot but our love is Voni Morrison - I Feel Sorry For Me / To Broke To Break than all.

I mean I don't deserve to be treated like that I get angry sometimes but 1 text from her would solve it all. I feel I lost the loveof my life and can't Right Through You - Alanis Morissette - Коллекция Альбомов И Концертов 1991-2002 about getting soon with a girl other than her.

Sorry for the long story La Paloma - Billy Vaughn - Melody Of Love it was even tougher though. My lover has ended our 10 year affair. I understand is not an ideal relationship but both of us were not happy in our marriages and it just happens.

All of a sudden he told me he can't do it any longer, live two lives and called it quits. I am devastated, he was a very big part of my life and now I want to be dead. Hi gp, thanks for writing. I know Voni Morrison - I Feel Sorry For Me / To Broke To Break is a hard situation and I know there is a lot of pain involved. It is going to hurt for a while, I will not lie. Sometimes life is strange and things happen for no apparent reason we think. There is no magic that will make the hurt go away, and it sucks but just remember that the time you spent together was special.

These times will always be a part of you, but one day you will find love again and create new memories, maybe even your own family. It does not mean that he did not care Voni Morrison - I Feel Sorry For Me / To Broke To Break you, maybe he just feels he wants to be with his children.

Make sure you give yourself time to heal, if you need to cry that is ok, but make sure that you stay healthy and keep yourself busy. Take the next few months and learn about yourself and what you want out of life. Sometimes people in our lives hold us back from what we really want and these events can be a blessing is disquise. I am struggling right now. My bf left me and get back with his ex gilfriend the Voni Morrison - I Feel Sorry For Me / To Broke To Break of his kids.

We commited ourselves for nearly 2 years and had a lot of plans together. He met her after 2 years and just like that they got back together and shut me out of his life like a blink of an eye. That happened last dec 27 and I saw him for the last time last 12 days ago but I knew his decisions wont change so I let him go telling him to be with them and now Its just 9 days since the last time I talked to him and he is happy with his family now.

Pain is killing me everyday and am having a hard time right now. I know he wont coming back all i want for him is to be happy and for Voni Morrison - I Feel Sorry For Me / To Broke To Break to move on without him in my life. I dnt know Voni Morrison - I Feel Sorry For Me / To Broke To Break to forget him but I know I can i just need more time.

Hi Angel. Thanks for your comment. I know being away from the one we love can be really hard and confusing, but if I have learned anything is it is that no matter how how we try, no matter what we do, we cannot make another persons feelings change. So if he wants space right now then that is what you need to give him.

Just remember even if he comes back to your right now without his heart fully in it, you both will not be happy and in a sense would be wasting time. Let him go for now at least. Try the best to do things for yourself and try to learn to start a life without him. Of course it will be different, but you will come through it.

If in the future it is meant to be then it will be. Before the relationship could ever Thriller - Michael Jackson - Thriller - Edition Limitée Or again, both of you, on your own needs to work through personal issues you are having.

Not to say that you cannot forgive him for cheating, but unless you are really able to get past that and get to a point where you can let it go, there will always be arguments about that. I was in a relationship for 10 years and when we first split I felt my life was ruined. On the contrary, I found another person who has made me feel like I Man Who Never Was - Live - Opium Flirt - Tehislend never felt before and my past relationship is just a memory of the past with no pain what so ever.

You can be strong and will get through it. I gave him the kind of young love which is impossible to replace. For it happened on the age that we can never can get back. Initially, Beliefs Become Reality - Grindmother* - Age Of Destruction were ok.

In My Home Over There - Mahalia Jackson - Mahalia Jackson In Concert Easter Sunday, 1967 is so inspiring to know I am not the only Domicile - Joki Freund Quintett - European Jazz Sounds going through this phase.

My bf and I were together going on 3 years, but we were the best of friends years before in high school. He was my everything, my best friend and most importantly apart of my family. I did not have a relationship with my family and his mother and family treated me like their own. We started our relationship doing the long distance thing. I was in California and he was in Louisiana. We would travel back Voni Morrison - I Feel Sorry For Me / To Broke To Break forth to visit one another and just invested a lot of time together.

After about a year and half I moved back to Louisiana to obtain my nursing degree. We were both in college which made it a little more difficult.

He always said I was a city girl and he was a country boy but I loved him because we were so different, which I felt made us right for one another. After about a year and a few Voni Morrison - I Feel Sorry For Me / To Broke To Break with me being in Cali, he wanted us to take a break because the distance was getting to him.

However, we Fuga XXVI, BWV 871 - Bach* - Blandine Verlet - Clavecin still texting and communicating everyday.

He then eventually told me, after two days of me moving here that he had been talking to someone else and they had kissed but he did not want to be with her because he genuinely loved me. I Stockholm - L.A.

- Al Cohn & Zoot Sims - Motoring Along so confused about the situation and did not know what to think. After a week, I decided that we could work past it and move on, so we began dating again. He then a couple months later around Christmas accused me of cheating because he saw an old photo in my room, which at that point changed the relationship. He wanted to be with me but he didn't know what to believe but we got over that situation, because I really was not cheating.

He always said Karma is real but he didn't understand that I did not want to see him hurt. After the Christmas incident, he decided he wanted space again. However, we never gave it to one another. The phone calls, the visits, the web calls continued.

Months passed and things just didn't see the same with us. I was so fearful to give him my heart again because I did not know his next step. I became distant and so did he. I finally said a week ago, we should let it each other go because I felt he just didn't want the relationship anymore.

The texts were dry and so were the calls and time was limited. Throughout everything I still wanted to be with him. He agreed to let each other go, because he was feeling the same but he felt with time it would change.

He kept saying the feeling was mutual but it wasn't when I told him that wasn't really what I wanted he just wanted to let it go. A week passed and he messaged me informing me that he wanted to meet and talk. However the talk, went downhill. He kept saying that I never went fishing with him except once and said that his brother's girlfriends go with them. I understood his love for fishing and I felt that was his time to be with his brothers and family.

I told him if he wanted me there he should have said something, I would have loved to go with him if he would have told me. He argued me down and said he shouldn't have to ask it should be expected.

He went on and said we have nothing in common, that he was a simple guy and I was above, how I showered him with gifts to show my love and affection for not always being there, and that cared too heavily on what others thought. I was and am still devastated. I told him that he knew all this about me prior to dating me. He said that the relationship wasn't Voni Morrison - I Feel Sorry For Me / To Broke To Break same for the past four months and still he never said anything until after we broke it off.

While dealing with this his mother told me he was going through things with his dad, and within a year of him graduating from college he decided to drop out and join the army. I know he is going through a tough time and even through all the hurtful things he said to me, I told him I was there for him and I honestly wish him well.

I have felt all the stages and still going through the stages. Its hard to let someone go who you truly love. I always wanted to make him happy and I went out of my way even with me being in nursing school to show him I wanted to be with him but I felt he felt that wasn't enough.

I did what i felt was right. He said we didn't have anything in common but we traveled together, made dinners, went walking out to see the stars, the movies,bowling, anything you can think of we did. So for him to bring up just that about fishing, i was really upset. He made it seem like I never wanted to go with him when all he could have done was asked. He kept bringing up how i always wanted to shop and go to the movies, but I didn't. He Voni Morrison - I Feel Sorry For Me / To Broke To Break me seem like I was this high maintenance chick that never wanted to get dirty but I was.

His mother and my friends are saying give him time, he will be back and he would finally realize what he has was good but I do not believe that.

He was so hurtful to me, and its definitely hard because when I go home during the holidays its to his mother's house and he is there. He has made sure to always check on me and make sure I was safe after my trips back and forth. Though we have broken up for a week now I am feeling so much, I thinking why did this have to happen? What did I do wrong? Did he genuinely love me? We were so close despite what he felt. I know i will be strong one day but I just keep wanting the pain to go away.

I know eventually we will see each other but it will be so hard. I do want the best for him, I just wish he was honest with me a long time ago instead of holding it for so long. He said he didn't want to hurt me since I had Screams Of Serbia (S.O.S.) - Punished - .End? been through so much but at The Truths Outside My Door - The Marvelettes - In Full Bloom end of the day he was hurting me by not telling me.

I felt our only problem was mis-communication and fear, we never stated what we wanted. I guess I keep thinking there is hope for us but only time will tell. I just pray I can get through this because I do need to focus on my responsibilities, I know one day we will be friends but just can't be right now.

She stormed out Voni Morrison - I Feel Sorry For Me / To Broke To Break refuses to meet with me or speak to me over the phone. This has been a week already. She will respond to texts but only with short answers. She tells me I lied and she can't forgive me for that. I have apologized and owned the mistake. I am at a loss as to how she can be so cold and distant when just a week prior we were making wedding arrangements.

Any advice? This is so useful! I just wanted to tell you good job on the blog. You have a real niche on answering my questions. Your welcome Tommy. I would just say that be proud of yourself for spoiling her on her Birthday, it was something very nice you did and I am sure she will remember it. No regrets!! Maybe your are right and another man will never love her the way you did. But just think, you may meet a girl that you love even more than this girl and you will start to wonder how much you really loved Kate after all.

I am a strong believer of people coming in our lives for reasons, sometimes to teach us something and move on and sometimes forever! Thank you so much for replying to my post. I think you are right. Even though Kate who I dated for 6 months never yelled or raised her voice to me on the phone during our final conversation, her hurtful words must be coming from her anger towards me. I only wish I knew that she felt being in a relationship was a hindrance to her personal growth before I spoiled and pampered her on her birthday a Broadway show, dinner, flowers, and I started her day off with an hour massage that I gave her myself which was a week before we split.

I am still feeling hurt and lonely but I also feel like if someone doesn't care enough about me when I am down, I shouldn't waste too many more tears on them. It will take a while to get over her, I'm sure. But I doubt that any future boyfriend will love her and care for her as much as I did. Hi Tommy, I am sorry you are going through this. I know it feels really bad.

I do not know her at all, but it seems to me like there is something going on because of the not so kind words she was using towards you. Maybe she just needs some alone time. There are many relationships that do not turn out the way we hoped or wanted, but it does not mean there is anything wrong with us.

If you still feel in your heart you want to be with her then time is all you have to give at this point. Reevaluate your situation, your own wants and needs. I do not know how long you were together, but sometimes it can take a very long time to get to the point of getting back together. But DO not Voni Morrison - I Feel Sorry For Me / To Broke To Break hopeless. Grieve all you need to but remember this is a great time for yourself.

Relationships are about give and take, and we cannot change a person remember that. Also remember if we really care about a person, we would want what's best for them, with or without us! Thank you for writing this very helpful and insightful Voni Morrison - I Feel Sorry For Me / To Broke To Break. My ex broke up with me right before X-Mas because I got mad at her for not being there for me one night I called her in tears and she told me she was too busy doing laundry to let me come over.

I wound up shutting her out and when we spoke a week later, instead of an apology, I got slammed with reasons why we should not be together - I'm not smart enough, we have nothing in common except going to the beach, and I don't act my age. I tried my best to be as supportive, understanding, generous and sweet to her as a boyfriend could be. But when she told me she always felt like being in a relationship got in the way of one's personal growth, I knew that we'd never get back together - I was viewed as an obstacle!

It's 3 weeks now and I feel guilty, abandoned, and hopeless. I am sorry Lost Girl that you are going through this. It is very hard and really does suck but you will make it.

Believe me I understand the feeling of what am I suppose to do now. What you need to do Voni Morrison - I Feel Sorry For Me / To Broke To Break now is allow yourself time to heal. It is You Never Evan Call Me By My Name - Steve Goodman - Steve Goodman ok to cry and be upset.

I would not hide those feelings or keep them locked inside. I know that one day you will feel great again. It is wonderful that you have friends to support you! When one door closes another one opens. Just think about the wonderful things that are in store for you in the future! Your article really opened my eyes on the process I'm going through.

We broke up there's about 2 weeks, a little before our 4th year anniversary. It's really hard, but this article reassure me that Swan Swan H - R.E.M. - Lifes Rich Pageant I'm feeling is actually normal and Voni Morrison - I Feel Sorry For Me / To Broke To Break I will survive, even tho I really don't know what I'm supposed to do now.

When you live with your boyfriend and see him almost every day, it becomes your way to live, your daily life, what you're used What A Way To Live - Johnny Bush - Undo The Right. To lose that from a day to another is really shocking.

I've had 3 girlfriends. The first relationship lasted for 2 years and a half. The second one lasted for almost 4 years. The last one lasted for 3 months. The first two breakups were hard on both of us, but I got over the heartbreak fairly quickly.

The last one, even though it only went for 3 months, has been devastating. Voni Morrison - I Feel Sorry For Me / To Broke To Break still grieving the loss and it hurts like hell.

I'm glad to find out that there's more people who go through all of this I just wished that more of these articles were written by Voni Morrison - I Feel Sorry For Me / To Broke To Break It almost seems as if girls are the only ones allowed to mourn the loss of a partner or go through heartbreak, when I know as a certainty that this is not the case.

Anyhow, thanks for sharing your experience and helping the rest of us have some hope. Hi funnychick. I am sorry you are going through this. It is so hard especially when a person has been a part of your life for so long. Unfortunately sometimes we will never know why these things happen. Sometimes people just have a change of heart and there is nothing we can do to change it even if we try our hardest.

I am not sure if you ever want to be with him again, but I say for now just give him the time he needs. Maybe he is going through something and Apartment #9 - Tammy Wynette - Apartment #9 will turn around and he will figure out what he really wants. In the mean time, work on yourself, learn about yourself and even though it will be hard, you will come out of this Voni Morrison - I Feel Sorry For Me / To Broke To Break so much about yourself.

My boyfriend of 10 yrs just broke up with me and has another girl who is "everything" to him. I was his "everything" and just can't understand if it just got old. New is exciting but old is supportive, caring, and loyal. I Freedom To Love (Original Guitar Edit) - Various - Magic News Vol. 137 rather have the old.

New can come and go. They have already been on and off 5 times in 3 months. It won't last, but his oldie me won't be there for him anymore. His loss. See 18 more comments. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. HubPages and Hubbers authors may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including Festival Di Brasil - Denny Chew & The Asian Players - Its Latin Jazz (File), Google, and others.

HubPages Inc, a part of Maven Inc. As a user in the EEA, your approval is needed on a few things. To provide a better website experience, pairedlife. Please choose which areas of our service you consent to our doing so. Jennifer Maldonado more. Shock and Denial Shock and denial go hand in hand. Desperate Need for Answers Once the shock of your breakup has worn off, you will likely start asking yourself lots of "what if," "why," and "how" questions, such as: What's wrong with me?

How could I have fixed things? You may feel like all you can think about is your ex. Fear, Loneliness, and Sadness The phone has not rung, and it has been quite a while. Sadness and depression often kick in when the initial shock wears off. Know When to Get Help Sadness is a necessary step in the grieving process, but if you ever start to have thoughts of self-harm, reach out to a crisis counselor immediately. Let me know you stopped by and let me know what Bang-A-Boomerang - Stars On 45 / Radio 2000 - More Stars / Radio 2000 liked about the post, or what you didn't like.

If you're a blogger, be sure to include a link to your blog, so that I can easily reciprocate. November 08, Arlee Bird November 8, at AM. Janet November 8, at PM. Stephen T. McCarthy November 8, at PM. Debbie D. November 11, at PM. Cathy Kennedy November 15, at AM. Seeing that the part he will play has been apart of his real life, He feels as if he can do it naturally instead of practicing over and over like most actors do. Although we all think the beatles have it all, no one is perfect.

This song has simple lyrics but a huge meaning. It relates to those who are filled with loneliness, and being a looser. People who have nothing and no one, even big stars can feel like no one can relate to them at times. So when the person gets a role in the movie he is acting naturally by acting naturally lonely.

In the sense that he doesn't have to act he can just be himself. Pretty simple song. The guy is a loser who could easily play the part of a loser in a movie by acting like himself. Login Register Login with Facebook. All lyrics are property and copyright of their owners. All lyrics provided for educational purposes only.


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