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Add it Here. Create a new account. Log In. Watch the song video Unholy Black Metal. Natassia in Enternal Sleep. Natassja in Eternal Sleep. Summer of the Diabolical Holocaust. The Dance of Eternal Shadows. Unholy Black Metal. To Walk the Unholy Black Metal - Darkthrone - Under A Funeral Moon Fields. Under a Funeral Moon. Monday 23 September Tuesday 24 September Wednesday 25 September Thursday 26 September Friday 27 September Saturday 28 September Sunday 29 September Monday 30 September Tuesday 1 October Wednesday 2 October Thursday 3 October Friday 4 October Saturday 5 October Sunday 6 October Monday 7 October Tuesday 8 October Wednesday 9 October Thursday 10 October Friday 11 October Saturday 12 October Sunday 13 October Monday 14 October Tuesday 15 October Wednesday 16 October Thursday 17 October Friday 18 October Saturday 19 October Sunday 20 October Monday 21 October Tuesday 22 October Wednesday 23 October Thursday 24 October Friday 25 October Saturday 26 October Sunday 27 October Monday 28 October Tuesday 29 October Wednesday 30 October Thursday 31 October Friday 1 November Saturday 2 November Sunday 3 November Monday 4 November Tuesday 5 November Wednesday 6 November Thursday 7 November Friday 8 November Saturday 9 November Sunday 10 November Monday 11 November Tuesday 12 November Wednesday 13 November Thursday 14 November Friday 15 November Saturday 16 November Sunday 17 November Monday 18 November Tuesday 19 November Unholy Black Metal - Darkthrone - Under A Funeral Moon Wednesday 20 November Thursday 21 November Friday 22 November Saturday 23 November Sunday 24 November Monday 25 November Tuesday 26 November Wednesday 27 November Thursday 28 November Friday 29 November Saturday 30 November Sunday 1 December Monday 2 December Tuesday 3 December Wednesday 4 December Thursday 5 December Hearers are Week End (New Arrange Version) - X* - Week End Unholy Black Metal - Darkthrone - Under A Funeral Moon the open sky Meglomania reigns supreme Chilled in horror - Christian death They learned how long to stand and pull I head to receive The lust and pain Beat me Jesus And we will win 3.

The Dance Of Eternal Shadows I must embrace visual hell To satisfy us Rape the whores in blasphemy I am man while I feast upon your flesh Glance in my eyes and see the eternal shadows dancing Playing in the desert of my Unholy Black Metal - Darkthrone - Under A Funeral Moon Burning - And my soul is descending Leader of Ezz-Thetic - Lee Konitz - Ezz-Thetic - face the apocalyps You fools deep under the black rain And nothing remains Flowers to step on, flowers to burn Am I ready for the god below Red flesh to penetrate my skin To send my soul away To the grave I work Until I'm feeling Unholy Black Metal - Darkthrone - Under A Funeral Moon But there's fire In my heart, in my eyes In his body, in his eyes And in his lonely kingdom 4.

Unholy Black Metal When the sun has died When the angels are blind When the fog lies thick Over the Palace of god When the fullmoon lights the earth When the wolves gather in the open When blood rains from the Unholy Black Metal - Darkthrone - Under A Funeral Moon high And from the pearly gates When Jehovas hordes are slaughtered When disciples twelve are dead When beliefs of easter land Are raped and raped again When the whore of Babylon rides When pity turns to hate When all sons of Satan Sodomise the lambs of Christ When the gates have all been opened When the funerals never end When Satan's power paint our hearts And satisfies our souls When witches burn the priests When the Ancient Ones return When demons ride the nuns With their horns of dark desire 5.

To Walk The Infernal Fields From the abode of demons A wing of the pentagram Comes the juice that painted My heart and my soul Swept in black they are Swept in black I am From this soul comes the eyes That will look upon your ten Beautiful heads with delight My heart is the one That will tend to your flames And make them mine We share this spirit - My heart is yours I am your disciple And therefore my own Your weapon I will be With the demons that posesses me We'll ride the seven sins of death That takes me to Katharian The sign of your horns Is my dearest vision They impale all holy and weak You watch me face the mirror And see desecration With my art I am the fist In the face of god 6.

Under A Funeral Moon On the day of my final sacrifice The chilling steel open my veins Blood staines my skin Silver chalice must be filled Drinking the poisoned blood I enter my shadowed coffin Two goathorns in my hands I raise my arms and close my eyes To receive the infernal hails From my brother in the land of the damned The howling wind blows in the naked trees Moonlit fields are glowing in the dark Below me, the path to the cemetary Where my spiritual brothers take me They halt at the shadows of an oak My nocturnal funeral commence Lying in my blasphemous sleep I am lowered down to the pit A raven sings my last song As the wolves howl their goodbyes The funeral moon glows strongly now For I am nearly there This night of late october The darkside open it's gate Morbid souls wait for me - For satanic conspiracy Flowers of doom Rising in bloom You will see Our immortality!

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