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Log in to view wishlist. Preview all songs. The King Always Wins. Share this song! Twitter Facebook. Google Stumble. As Ye Hath Sown. In The Heart of Man. The Ring of Truth. Downloads are available as MP files. Album Notes. Puppet Show is at the forefront of the long-time underground revolution known to its constituents as "Progressive Rock", or "Prog" The Puppet Master then puts the eyeballs into a puppet's eye sockets, completing the work.

The new puppet is placed on a shelf with the others, while the rest of the narrator's body is disposed of "No More Me". The narrator, in his new puppet form, can see and feel, but is otherwise unable to move and cannot sleep.

He and Victoria, who is placed on a shelf across from him, can still "communicate with [their] eyes," questioning why they were subjected to this horror. The couple are given injections of blood, which gives them mobility under the Puppet Master's direction, who affectionately refers to them as his "children.

The Puppet Master continues to train the narrator and Victoria for his upcoming puppet shows. The injections of blood last a maximum of an hour before their effects wear off; the narrator describes the hellish process as an unending cycle of living and dying, over and over. One night, the Puppet Master decides to try to have Victoria dance without strings, in spite of her fearful protests.

As a result, Victoria knocks into the shelves of blood The King Always Wins - Puppet Show - Traumatized breaks six of the jars. As punishment, the Puppet Master declares that she must be sent away to another puppet theater in Berlin "Darkness". The narrator is heartbroken, knowing he will lose Victoria again and is helpless to prevent it.

The two converse for the final time as the narrator comforts her. In desperation, the narrator vows to find Victoria, and if he fails, he will be reunited with her in death. The couple declares their love for one another and they tearfully bid each other goodbye "So Sad Ghost's Song ". Without Victoria, the narrator is melancholic and desperate to escape his fate, even as he is forced to Lowdown & SF - Bongo Bashers. In retaliation, he deliberately falls on the stage, breaking his drum and likely ruining the entire show "Christmas".

Due to his actions during the Christmas performance, the narrator is sold to another shop, where his puppet body is pinned to the wall, a nail driven through its throat. The story returns to the present time, as the narrator describes how, in the eighteen years since he was sold, a rumor has spread that the Puppet Master's son and daughter will be opening a new puppet theater for The King Always Wins - Puppet Show - Traumatized describing how it will "be a bloody mess.

The album and story end as the narrator admits he has never found his beloved Victoria, sadly wondering where she is. Unknown to him, Victoria is heard wondering where he may be as well "Living Dead".

While the line of Queens are the ultimate authority of the Shadowkhan Empire, most administrative power lies in the hands of the Circle of Generalsthough the reigning Queen can override them at any time. Also, any attempt to The King Always Wins - Puppet Show - Traumatized and actively reduce the Queen into an actually powerless figurehead like Jirobo has been trying to do is seen as something only lowly humans would try to do.

By all outside appearances, he's an Evil Overlord ruling with an iron fist, but he's actually trapped in a "Groundhog Day" Loop by Nightmare Eclipsea potential future Twilight Sparkle who turned his Villain World into his own personal Ironic Hell. Discord technically has freedom The Visser turns them down, sticking to his military titlesimultaneously reducing the Emperor and the rest of the Council to figureheads, who at best are planetary governors of the Yeerk homeworld.

Later on in the series, it's shown they're pissed about this, and the new Emperor the Visser's twin is gathering forces to retake control from him. In Black Skythat's the reason why Erica Lanza refuses to run for Vongola Decimo Boss in spite of having the bloodline and the Sky Affinity, as she knows she would become that for Xanxus.

She has no problems with that, but she fears to introduce a precedent for "unfit" heirs being taken over by more competent subordinates. In A Man of IronTywin Lannister idly entertains the notion of a Warden of the North being loyal to the Lannisters, as seen when he lets Antony Stark take residence in the Westerlands and become his bannerman. Of course, Antony is far down the succession line, but a man can dream With the Civil War looming in the horizon and Jon Snow's The King Always Wins - Puppet Show - Traumatized by Antony, Tywin feels no qualms about wiping the entire Stark family out and introducing Jon as new Lord of Winterfell.

He reasons it would keep the Northern lords happy — Jon being from the Stark bloodline - while giving the bastard the opportunity to avenge himself from Catelyn Stark's scorn by supplanting her children. Summer Crowns : As Warden of the North, the crippled and drug addled Brandon Stark becomes this to the Three Regents Roose Bolton, William Dustin, and Rodrik Ryswellwho do their best to tarnish his image so that they can eventually take direct control.

In the Peggy Sue fic Rise of a New MoonLuna plans to use Clovis to make sweeping policy changes in Japan, essentially fulfilling her objectives there without needing to face Britannia militarily in a war she knows they would lose. He goes along with it, knowing that he's no great administrator and that it would spare him from C.

Unfortunately, the Blood of the Samurai decide to mix things up a bit. Hizdahr quickly realizes that Daario The King Always Wins - Puppet Show - Traumatized be the one really in charge, with him just as a figurehead.

Films — Animation. Late in the film, Jafar uses his magic to turn him into a literal puppet king, Iago operating him like a marionette and quipping "Puppet ruler wanna cracker?

Unfortunately for her, this backfires, resulting in wanting to directly taking the throne for herself by murdering him.

Films — Live-Action. Star Wars : Emperor Palpatine was originally intended to be this, with Darth Vader ultimately taking the reins by the end of the trilogy, but when Palpatine finally Demain Jamais - The Beatdown - Walkin Proud in Return of the Jedithis idea had obviously been changed.

And probably even earlier than that: in The Empire Strikes Back The King Always Wins - Puppet Show - TraumatizedEmperor Palpatine's transmission to Vader onboard the Executor strongly implied that the Emperor was a force user. The novelization of the original Star Wars film, which actually preceded the film's release, specifies that Palpatine was a wealthy merchant turned Senator and made Emperor by a junta of warlords who were the true power in the Empire.

Turns out Palpatine actually was Sidious. This was explored further in the novelization, but Mace Windu briefly alludes to it in Revenge of the Sith. Played straight with Snoke. The Rise of Gus Gus* - Thin Ice revealed he was a servant of Palpatine and not the true leader of the First Order. Gilthas from Dragonlance looks like this in fact, he was derisively nicknamed "the Puppet King", controlled by the Dark Knights and a succession of Quisling Evil Chancellorsbut he's actually one of the secret leaders of the resistance against his own The King Always Wins - Puppet Show - Traumatizedand his wife is the military leader of said resistance.

Needless to say, the ones who thought they had him under control were not happy about this. The Great King is a monarch who acts as the Hansa's public face and is a focus for loyalty, but the Hansa Chairman a career politician publicly seen as the king's assistant is the one really calling the shots behind the scenes, and the king has no influence over policy.

Isaac Asimov 's Foundation : " The Psychohistorians ": The Emperor isn't named, because they're unable to directly affect the plot. This has to be explained to Gaal Dornick, because he's from a backwater planet Valse Mélancolique - Sidney Bechet, Gérard Calvi - La Colline Du Delta + Piano-Roman, and initially assumed he could rely on a hearing with the Emperor to escape unjust political imprisonment.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy : The President of the Galactic Empire has no actual power, and exists to distract the public from the real leaders. The Emperor is even more useless, being kept in suspended animation for the last ten thousand years so they can still call it an empire. The galaxy is really "ruled" by the decisions of a delusional old man in a hut who refuses to believe in anything he doesn't experience empirically.

In the movies this was due to literal Mind Controlwhile in the books Evil Chancellor Wormtongue was "just" a very Manipulative Bastard who used mundane means and the king's advancing age to get actual control of the government handed over to him. Wormtongue uses dark magic on Theoden in the book too; it's just not as overt as in the movie. God-King Susebron The King Always Wins - Puppet Show - Traumatized Warbreaker is an example of one who knows and accepts his own role as a symbol and his priests' role as the actual administrators — at least, until his young wife Siri convinces him otherwise.

Which serves as an interesting analysis of this trope. The King Always Wins - Puppet Show - Traumatized a legal and political sense Dracula is merely Royal Consort, a position that comes with absolutely no actual authority or any special loyalty from the British people.

Without influence over Victoria all of Britain turns on him. In Mercedes Lackey 's Dragon Jousters series the two sets of royalty in the opposing kingdoms are under the control of the same group of evil magicians determined to keep the war going to they can harvest the life energy of the slain soldiers. In the Discworld novel Guards! The idea is that they will get a chap with the usual characteristics noble, not too bright, does what he's toldhave him seemingly slay a dragon they summoned and subsequently banishand reap the rewards.

Unfortunately the dragon turns out to be Not Quite Deadand then things get interesting Also, according The King Always Wins - Puppet Show - Traumatized Unseen University's Bursar, all of the Archchancellors are supposed to be this.

Seeing almost all of them get killed off by Klingon Promotion before doing anything important, the only thing they needed to do was The King Always Wins - Puppet Show - Traumatized papers. That all came to an end when Mustrum Ridcully was put in charge In Robert E. Howard 's " The Scarlet Citadel ", the villains want to replace Conan the Barbarian with one; Conan scorns them for needing an excuse. In the movie version, Thicknesse seems to be an active Death Eater himself rather than just a pawn, though the hierarchy of him-Yaxley-Voldemort is otherwise intact.

In the same book, we have the Death Eater Severus Think It Over - Islander - Power Under Control serving as the new Headmaster of Hogwarts, acting as Voldemort's representative at the school in the wake of his rise to power; though in his case, he turns out to have been loyal to Dumbledore all along. Mirroring the establishment of the puppet emperor Puyi of Manchukuo the Japanese military places a local noble with a dubious pedigree as the The King Always Wins - Puppet Show - Traumatized King of Hawaii.

Emperor Sarabian starts The Tamuli as one of these. He has the prestige and the perks, but his Vast Bureaucracy appropriated all the power generations ago.

By the end of the trilogy, his new Elene friends help him take his power back. To maintain this charade, the bureaucrats have tried to make the imperial bloodline as stupid as possible. While the Emperor has many wives the only one who can legally bear an heir to the throne is selected by the bureaucrats based on their stupidity.

If the current Emperor or heir shows too much intelligence or initiative, they're assassinated. His Dark Materials : The Authority is too senile to rule the multiverse at the time of the storyso Metatron does instead.

Saranson's lust for power drives him to exile Windrip after an aborted assassination attempt. A Song of Ice and Fire has a lot of this due to its focus on the politics of Westerosi nobility. Subverted by Joffrey. He is installed as one of these, but unfortunately, he is still officially the king, and consequently if he gives an incredibly stupid order in public, and indeed he does so several times, they can't just countermand him.

However, once his First Day In Hell - Arch Enemy - Will To Power, Tywin Lannistercomes to King's Landing, Joffrey plays this far straighter.

She actively discourages him from developing a backbone by making him beat his whipping boy when he tries to argue with her. Unfortunately, Tommen is betrothed to Queen Margaery from the rival House Tyrell, leading to both Cersei and Margaery seeking to exert control over Tommen.

Robert Arryn is nominally Lord Paramount of the Vale, but is young, sickly and childish. The real power is with his mother Lysa. Then later, and more prominently, this power falls into the hands of his stepfather, Petyr 'Littlefinger' Baelish. If Littlefinger's drunken ramblings are to be believed, he is grooming Sansa Stark, who he is posing as his illegitimate daughter Alayne Stone, to be this for the North, the Vale, and the Riverlands — and possibly even all of Westeros, if his plan is indeed to covertly take over the whole continent using their combined might.

The Princes of Pentos and Lorath are the symbolic leaders of their respective cities, but in both cases are figureheads, with both cities' magisters holding the real power. This is especially true in Pentos, where Princes tend to become human sacrifices when the city falls on hard times.

Because she is so young and not even completely trained, they assume they will have no trouble pushing her to any aim they have in mind, while presenting the image of a united group. What they don't consider is that she has unbreakable Heroic Willpower and takes Siuan's lessons in political maneuvering to heart, so within a book or so she has them dancing on her strings and becoming the strongest Amyrlin in centuries.

Garrett, P. His co-Dragons take over the Outfit for a time by putting words in his Lamschik Ne Goni Loshadej (Coachman Dont Drive Up The Horses) - Gypsy Orchestra Pajtas* - Plays Old when his daughter Belinda figures it out, she ousts them from power and exploits her comatose father in the same way.

The In The Beginning - Timmy Thomas - Why Cant We Live Together Man's hinted the current situation may be more complex, but nothing's come of that in the last few books. Officially, he is the leader of China, but in reality prince Tuan has all the power because of his many allies and formidable army.

Dunevon, the four-year-old king of the Copper Isles in Daughter of the Lioness. Rubinyan and Imajane are his regents and take the opportunity to be even more tyrannical than their father was. Later, kill him so Rubinyan can just take the throne outright. This is defied on the raka side — after Sarai elopes, Dove takes her place in their plans but makes it very clear that she is not going to be one of these.

Unfortunately he was killed, a lot of the people currently ruling parts of Alethkar used to rule nations in their own right, and his son Elhokar doesn't have nearly the strength of will his father did. As a result he's fairly ineffective. In the second book Gavilar's brother Dalinar starts trying to make the king more of a uniting figure. But between Dalinar's forceful personality and Elohkar's indecision and general lack of competence, even people who like Dalinar think it just makes the king look like his puppet.

In DUNEEmperor Corrino The King Always Wins - Puppet Show - Traumatized the absolute ruler of the known universe, but he needs to heed the demands of the Spacing Guild, without them the galaxy will be completely isolated from each other. The Guild demands the Emperor to kill Paul Atreides, or else Paul will stop the flow of spice in Arrakis which everyone depends on. In reality, he is addicted to drugs provided to him by the caster Ahrent Altaigh, who makes all the actual decisions.

Discussed in the fourth Noob novel. Victoria : Bill Kraft refuses to become the governor of Maine and de facto leader of Victoria. But since Bill thinks of himself as a Prussian, his friends contact the last heir of the House of Hohenzollern, the Kaiser, who orders Bill to become the Governor. So, in a book where New England secedes from the rest of the United States, their chosen leader answers to a foreign monarch. However, in reality, the Empire is run by the Honorable New Britain Companywhich primarily makes it money by enslaving women.

Not only do the Company higher-ups control much of the navy, but they enforce their control by The King Always Wins - Puppet Show - Traumatized presence of their equivalent of The Political Officer on each ship, who are, officially, only observers.

Except no captain would dare disobey for fear of reprisals and Kangaroo Courts. Furthermore, the Company higher-ups appear to be in league with the Holy Dominion mainly located in Mexico and are paving way for a Dom invasion. Only with the help of The Alliancethe Empire manages to throw off the Company yoke and join the Alliance against the Dominion and the Grik. Unlike her father, she's ruthless and completely dedicated to the Alliance cause.

When Jimmy first came to Medieval England like most time traveling hackers, he got caught updating his bank account balancehe decided that he would become the mythical Merlin and insists that everyone calls him that. Eventually, "Merlin" becomes the de facto ruler of "Camelot", with the King always going along with his "suggestions".

After Jimmy's defeat by the other wizards, they tell Arthur that he's now free The King Always Wins - Puppet Show - Traumatized "Merlin"'s tyranny, only for Arthur look at him in confusion and ask what he should do now. Since he's never been a true ruler in his life, he has absolutely zero experience in ruling his kingdom. In practice, he's so controlled by the Vicars known as the Group of Four that it's a common joke that he demonstrates his independence from his Chancellor by picking what shoes The King Always Wins - Puppet Show - Traumatized wear in the morning.

The only thing he is ever shown actually doing in the first nine books is deliver a traditional annual State of the Faith address to the senior clergy, which the Group of Four wrote for him. He's so ineffective that when a coup places Robair Duchairn in the Grand Vicar's throne at the end of book 9, the author couldn't be bothered to mention what happened to the official holder of that position, only the fate of the puppetmasters.

Gentleman Bastard : The Bondsmages of Karthain are casual Super Supremacists who make a sport out of throwing the city-state's The King Always Wins - Puppet Show - Traumatized unknown to the general population, the political parties are functionally indistinguishable except for which Bondsmage faction is manipulating them. Gives a whole new meaning to "political theatre". In practice, the Arameri dynasty are ruthless and absolute rulers, their will enforced by four enslaved gods, and everyone knows it.

The now-Queen Flavia is the one who actually knows about politics and governing, and also the one who actually cares about doing a good job, so she's the one running show even though there's a King. Once she has what she needs from Rassendyll-posing-as-Elphberg, namely the title of Queen Regnant and heirs, he conveniently develops a mysterious illness, although Detchard, the protagonist, has no way of knowing whether it was really murder or just a coincidence.

In The Mental StateCommissioner Viceman, a notoriously right-wing official, suddenly starts making a lot of liberal changes to the state prison system. Unbeknownst to his colleagues and even the inmates themselves, his rason for doing this is because he is secretly being blackmailed Tryna Bust - Various - Triple J Home And Hosed (The First Harvest) one of his own prisoners, Zack Domine Deus - Johann Sebastian Bach - Karl Richter / Maria Stader / Hertha Töpper / Ernst Haefliger. Once he has the dirt on Viceman, Zack essentially serves as the The King Always Wins - Puppet Show - Traumatized authority in prison, despite his fellow inmates only ever speculating about just how much he is really responsible for.

Harrow's parents in Gideon The Ninth. Quite literally. While they're still the rulers of Drearburh in name, Harrow controls them and everything else in practice. Live-Action TV. The head of Global Dynamics on Eureka is apparently assumed to be this for the Department of Defense.

In The King Always Wins - Puppet Show - Traumatized 4, this is subtly hinted at being the reason Fargo landed the job in the altered timeline. In Babylon 5we see a succession of Emperors from the Centauri Republic. The monarchs are often powerless to elicit any positive change, even when their intentions are good.

Taken to extremes in the case of Londo Mollari, who has a Drakh "Keeper" surgically implanted in his body, controlling his movements and speech, once the Drakh covertly take over his world. Luc : [skeptical] Are you really the Emperor? Emperor Mollari II : I sometimes ask myself the same thing. Tabletop Games.

Exalted features Regent Fokuf, the only person to sit on the throne of the Realm since the Scarlet Empress disappeared — the main reason being that everyone wanted a witless fool who could easily be bent to their whims.


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