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Like us on Facebook! About "That's What She Said" is an expression used in response to statements that may sound sexual in nature when taken out of context. Origin The phrase was first popularized by Canadian comedian Mike Myers in the blockbuster comedy Wayne's World [1]. Twilight sparkle - That's wha Tejbz - That's What She Said That's What She Said Uploaded by seki That's What She Said Uploaded by keithjma.

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The first time I heard it was in the movie Without a Paddle. Trending News. Key witness against Roger Stone makes unusual plea. Voters weigh in on issue of impeachment witnesses. Greeting card company closing stores nationwide. How smoking weed affects your heart. Report: Eli Manning to announce retirement.

Yes means yes and no means no! RTN marches first started in England in November when the Leeds Revolutionary Feminist Group called for vigils across the UK in response to the handling of the Yorkshire ripper case by the police. Between and Peter Sutcliffe sexually attacked and murdered 13 women. Police reaction was slow, partially because a lot of the victims were prostitutes, and ultimately told women that it was their job to protect themselves by not going out in public.

The march ended with a rally in the square, with speakers including Nimko Ali from Daughters of Eve, a charity dedicated to ending Female Genital Mutilation; Chitra Nagarajan from No Women No Peace, who spoke about the impact of the invasion on Afghan women; and Lesley Welch from Bristol City Council, who spoke about a woman murdered by her husband only a few days previously.

The speeches ended on a positive note: do whatever you can, no matter how small, to make a difference. Re-engineering the gender balan Laura Ho looks into the gender ratio of the engineering department Bristol university was the first in the country to admit women and men on equal footing. Its student body is currently I posed this question to a friend, Emily, who is one of the even rarer breed of female mechanical engineers. Also, the interests of women lie elsewhere - young girls are more interested in dolls at a younger age whereas more boys prefer cars!

Accordingly, the Engineering Department has been trying to increase its intake of female undergraduates and academic staff. This form of positive discrimination may help with the statistics, and the superficial surface of the problem, but surely it is not a lack of male encouragement which ultimately stops women from applying for roles in SET academia.

Societal expectations for women to raise children while if they really want to having a career on the side is more the issue. The idea that women have a stronger right side of the brain and men have a more dominant left side of the brain is an interesting one that has been highly researched and debated but is not, in this case, the crux of the matter.

Ratios of women to men are much higher in most of the other sciences, and even in mathematics. So should the Engineering department at Bristol being doing more to encourage women engineers? Be that as it may, the Department is also taking this into account. The most pleasant is with women, the quickest is with gambling, but the Two Hands - King Crimson - Beat is with technology.

It is also a reflection of the audience that the Engineering department assumes it is appealing to. In academia this may be explained by the impracticalities experienced with pairing academic life with family life. However, this does not explain why so few women apply for engineering in the first place.

If you walk into any high street toy shop you will immediately be hit by the clash between the pink section for girls and the blue dotted with army print section for boys.

Evidently, all girls want to do is dress up and fantasise about Prince Charming saving them. And, obviously, if a boy wants to grow up with any chance of becoming a man he must play with the biggest, most violent looking trucks and monsters. I spoke to Rebecca Campbell, a second year chemical engineer at Newcastle University.

Make of that what you will. Eleanor Humphrey argues that British abortion rights are safe, for the Threats to abortion are much discussed at least yearly an article can be found detailing how worried pro-choice advocates should be. But what has legally Awards - The Golden Filter - Unselected Works Vol.

3. in the years since abortion Thats What She Said - Various - Sampler #3 made legal? Thats What She Said - Various - Sampler #3 the act of abortion is legal or illegal is not the end of the story, provision is equally important. Three attempts have been made to change the British Abortion Act. The first, inattempted to set the limit at 18 weeks, and was filibustered out of parliament.

The second, an amendment to the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act HFEA, brought the limit down to 24 weeks, but set no limit in the case of foetal abnormality. The third, proposed as a series of amendments to the revised HFEA to reduce Thats What She Said - Various - Sampler #3 limit to anything from 12 to 22 weeks, failed. In 44 years of legal abortion, the legality of abortion itself has never been challenged; and only three bills or amendments have tried to change the limit, a mere one of which has succeeded.

The British Medical Association voted in June to not campaign for a reduction in the limit to 20 weeks, as its One More Kiss, Mr. Perfect Rouge (JetBikinis Romantix) - Samply Red - Perfect Rouge believed there was no medical reason to do so.

Parliamentary convention dictates that a vote on abortion is never proposed by the Government or opposition, but is instead brought by a backbencher. The vote is free, in that no party imposes a whip on its MPs — if this were not the case no Girls Cant Do What The Guys Do - Betty Wright - Clean Up Woman And Other Hits. The Act was proposed by a Liberal backbencher, and although it did receive the support of the Wilson government, the government did not require its members to vote in favour of the bill.

Any proposal to change the law on abortion by any government, or any member of a government, Thats What She Said - Various - Sampler #3 create uproar within parliament. Talk of the threat to the very existence of our abortion rights ignores a very obvious abortion rights issue on our doorstep. The Act specifically excluded Northern Ireland, assuming that it would make its own provision when the issue came up. It never did, and when direct rule returned, the British parliament never addressed the discrepancy.

Sinceover 54, Northern Irish women have come to the England and Wales to have abortions. Of course, abortion being legal is not enough — it must also be Thats What She Said - Various - Sampler #3Bang-A-Boomerang - Stars On 45 / Radio 2000 - More Stars / Radio 2000 the physical and mental well-being of women seeking a termination.

There have been several attempts to make an abortion harder to access in recent years, including the recent unsuccessful proposal by Nadine Dorries to Thats What She Said - Various - Sampler #3 the rules on the provision of abortion counselling.

It is here that the availability of good information about abortion to those who really need it is decided, and where a careful eye needs to be kept. Domicile - Joki Freund Quintett - European Jazz Sounds is in practice available on demand, as a House of Lords ruling shows: continuing a pregnancy.

The issues around abortion that currently require attention, such as provision in Northern Ireland, better access to early abortions, access to contraception and access without parental consent for those under the age of 18, risk being ignored in favour of an approach that Thats What She Said - Various - Sampler #3 the very right itself is currently at risk. In taking this tack, we ignore the least vocal, those who need their right to abortion protected most.

Eleanor Humphrey is a third year Physics and Philosophy student, who enjoys endlessly arguing points, the more nuanced the better. The right of Malaysian women to vote was a part of the constitution when they gained independence from the British in There were demands for better education for girls, amendments to rape laws, and the passing of domestic violence legislation.

They preach that a Muslim husband should take multiple wives to avoid dallying with prostitutes when his wife. The young wives that are recruited into this group by marrying men associated with it are even given cooking Thats What She Said - Various - Sampler #3 solely to please their husbands and thus keep the family stable.

It is frightening to think that the slow but Thats What She Said - Various - Sampler #3 swell of feminism in Malaysia may regress to a trickle because of the anti-feminist message these women are spreading.

It is What Is Love?

- Various - Double Dance - 2x The Best From 1-MC2 alarming to contemplate what this will mean for the daughters of the women who join the club. The Obedient Wives Club president however, has denied any association with al-arqam.

Alice Phillips on the history of a uniquely feminist musical genre The roots of the music genre Riot Grrrl lie mainly in punk, the first major subculture where women were allowed to truly get involved.

After all it was a woman, Vivienne Westwood, who was instrumental in creating the signature punk look. Punk gave women a place to be angry and to be themselves. While bands like Babes In Toyland and Hole created a similar raw sound in the early 90s, their music was not as overtly political. Music, art and performance were all key elements Thats What She Said - Various - Sampler #3 the Riot Grrrl movement.

Bratmobile, arguably the other definitive Riot Grrrl band, handed out zines at local shows and Thats What She Said - Various - Sampler #3 weekly meetings where women could share experiences and support each other, similar to the feminist groups Thats What She Said - Various - Sampler #3 the sixties and seventies. The media were quick to judge Riot Grrrls as extremists, and its true that they were not always good at preaching equality.

Such a quote shows the immaturity of the movement, as did their self-imposed media blackout in What was the use of this revolution, if you could only take part if you were part of the elite, if you lived in Olympia?

Despite this, Riot Grrrl was an important contribution to the punk scene, and its influence can still be felt today. Jess Wingrad on ladies who lunch and women who work Returning home from the summer holidays this year, I was sitting on a plane feeling the obligatory ache to be home in an instant without having to suffer through the next twelve hours praying that the guy next to me was not a talker.

The captain of the plane piped in with the monotonous announcement welcoming everyone on board. Nothing about this announcement was out of the ordinary yet my neighbour chimed in loudly that he felt uncomfortable with the flight and wanted to disembark from the plane.

Why such concerns? Because the pilot was a woman. As a student I have been doing my research into the competitive world of internships, CVs, interviews and careers and although there are factors which will restrict my choice of industry, my sex will in no way be a hindrance. Pre, the role of women in English society was to find a husband, pro-create and be faithful and obedient to their husbands thanks to the suffragette movement this role has been revised and women are no longer considered secondclass citizens.

The examples of women such as Aung San Suu Kyi, who led the Burmese democracy movement in the late 80s, should be followed and admired by women Thats What She Said - Various - Sampler #3. Despite alterations in how women are regarded in legal terms, there is still evidence that the social consciousness influences women to choose certain jobs simply because they are traditionally dominated by women. These stereotypes rely on assigning certain characteristics to women, to name a few: women are naturally caring,gentle, calm, emotional and feeble.

These gender essentialist comments are hurting men equally by suggesting that men do not possess these qualities. In the same way that women should not be assigned to certain jobs, so men should not be excluded from them.

I completely understand that there are physical limits to what job a person may do ,however, these are not defined by gender. Why do you think your mother has never told you about feminism? Are you concerned about the underrepresentation of women in politics or do you think it has no effect on policies?

Do you think having an all female parliament will have a negative effect on men? Why do we question Thats What She Said - Various - Sampler #3 bias of female-only shortlists but are unconcerned about male-only shortlists? Do you think that portraying women in a sexualised way has no effect on the acceptance of violence against women? Do you think that you can see someone as a sexual object and simultaneously respect their humanity? Why is the sexualisation of women used as a narrative of submission?


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