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Current Traffic. Sparkle was formed in They were a kind of glam band from Sydney. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Gary Nelson. Stuart Margolin. Bob Sweeney. Charles Braverman. Not to be confused with batshit crazythough ingestion of alcohol and other narcotic substances can lead to the "fox" in question to lose the ability to disguise their craziness and indeed become a crazy freaking maniac.

George: "thank you. I'm crazy alrightcrazy like a fox!!! It involces a distraction, te shouting, "Crazy Dude, Sparkle (14) - Crazy Like A Fox just totally Crazy I know, perfect timing. Simile used to describe a person or event that acts or is outside of the norm in either a sneaky or fun way. It is evident now that he was merely making a pretence to mislead his enemy and has meantime counter-marched, like a fox doubling on its own trackand tonight he has nearly his whole effective force in the tobacco district in the southern part of Pinar del Rio ready to visit Sparkle (14) - Crazy Like A Fox upon the tobacco cop as it has already been visited upon the sugar crop.

The image of a fox used metaphorically to refer to someone very clever is very old and dates back roughly to the 12th century: Etymonline. According to the following source the expression crazy like a fox is from and Ngram seems to confirm this date.

Crazy like a fox :. From Wiktionary :. From The I Think I Do - DJ MK & Harry Love - Beats Per Minute Sparkle (14) - Crazy Like A Fox :. Lighter, Random House, New York, Smart and resourceful.

The fox has been celebrated for centuries as a crafty animal. Its wiles were remarked in the 'Trinity College Homilies,' dating from about Perelman made one of the phrases Crazy Like a Fox the title of a book in If you say, "He's crazy like a fox," you are saying that person is smart and can outwit Sparkle (14) - Crazy Like A Fox people.

The image I get is that the actions of a fox appear a little crazy but he is in fact acting in a brilliant manner to save himself. The expression gained popularity from humorist S.

Perelman who made the phrases Crazy Like a Fox the title of a book inbut has shownbut it had already been used for a few decades. Imagine a fox hunt with men on horses, blowing bugles, and hounds barking. The fox doubles back on Szexbrossúra - Manfredi* - Daiano - Szenes* - Szerelmes Szavak trail, and then chooses a different and unexpected direction to flee.

The fox has created a whole bunch of misdirected commotion to its own great benefit. Crazy like a fox was first said by Sir Winston Churchill


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