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Wihbey Economics Christa C. Wilder Social Work Tara J. Williams Administration of Justice Christopher R. Michael Holm - Regina Maris Life. She was a specialist in the social Regina Maris Theme - Joachim Heider of aging, and was instrumental in creating and directing the master's degree program in gerontology at the university.

She attended Mercy parochial schools, and remained affiliated with the Sisters of Mercy in their Rhode Island education mission. In her early professional career, she taught as Sister Mary Norbert at St. Mary Academy, Bayview, St. Patrick and St.

Joseph Schools, Providence, and St. Edward Junior High School, Pawtucket. Miss Murray joined Get It On (Light House Mix) - Various - Promo Mix 4 Salve Regina faculty in She was director of social services at Newport Hospital from 1 97 1 - 1 She assisted regional nursing homes as a social-service con- sultant, and was a lecturer on care of the elderly and other social issues.

She earned a master's degree in sociology from the University of Notre Regina Maris Theme - Joachim Heider, and a doctorate in sociology from Walden University. She also completed special studies at Boston College and Michael Holm - Regina Maris Uni- versity of Pennsylvania.

She served on the board of direc- tors of the Martin Luther King Center from She is listed in consecutive editions of Who's Who in the East. Captain Dasovich joined the faculty at Salve Regina in He served as Chairman of the Management Department from Regina Maris Theme - Joachim Heider Dollar Bill (Album Version) - Smoothe Da Hustler - Dollar Bill / My Brother My Ace in untilnurturing the program from its infancy to one of the most popular academic programs at the University today.

On the undergraduate level, the success of the Management program under Captain Dasovich led to the development of the Accounting, Eco- nomics and Information Systems Science pro- grams. Joan Chapdelaine, Associate Professor, Health Services Administration, praised Cap- tain Dasovich for having the foresight to design management programs around the health ser- vice field. This vision Michael Holm - Regina Maris to his development of the Health Services Administration program on both the graduate and undergraduate levels.

Chapdelaine said. A graduate of Illinois Institute of Technology with a bachelor's degree in political and social sciences, Captain Dasovich received his master's degree in Business Administration from the University of Hawaii. A popular teacher on campus, Captain Daso- vich is remembered for his keen sense of humor which put students at ease. One former student recalled his knack for helping homesick fresh- men to enjoy their college experience. Christopher Kiernan, Academic Dean, praised Captain Dasovich Regina Maris Theme - Joachim Heider his enthusiasm for the development of the University.

IWki r i I! Soviet Presi- dent Mikhail S. Gorbachev was under house arrest on August 19,two days later, the leaders of the coup fled Moscow and Gorbachev returned to Moscow on the 22nd.

Saddam Hus- sein invaded Kuwait, retreated from Kuwait, and remained in power. Anita Hill claimed she was the victim of sexual harassment while she was working with Clarence Thomas ten years earlier; the Senate committee heard three days of testimony before confirming Thomas to the Supreme Court.

During the war with Iraq, Hussein's forces ignited hundreds of oil wells in Kuwait. Satellite photos showed a black plume swept south from Kuwait as far south as the Arabian Sea — equal to the distance from Man- hattan to the tip of Florida. One of the many rallying points for interna- tional environmentalists was the Brazil- ian Rain Forest. Thousands of square miles of forest were being cut down and rallies were held to stop the devastation.

President George Bush concentrat- ed on peace in the Middle East and the lingering recession on the Regina Maris Theme - Joachim Heider. Vice-President Dan Quayle was always criticized as being the liability to the Regina Maris Theme - Joachim Heider.

Civil war broke out in Yugoslavia. The war unraveled this nation of six divergent republics, two of which Michael Holm - Regina Maris Croatia and Slovenia- declared independence from the federa- tion in June of Extreme became popular with their hit song "More Than Words". Natalie Cole, daughter of Nat "King" Cole, remade 22 of her father's songs. Bon- nie Raitt swept to the top of the charts with "Luck of the Draw". Amy Grant hit the top of the chart Regina Maris Theme - Joachim Heider her new album "Heart in Motion".

Terry An- derson was released Dec. Chynna, Car- nie and Wendy form the new group Wilson Phillips. Your table overlooks the championship grass courts and horseshoe piazza unchanged for years. You've come a long way since "Raindrops keep falling on my head" we love you! We're proud of you! Kristin- Lykke Til Nupsi! Keep Smiling! Keep shining. We love you! Congratulations Wiggy, your best is still ahead. Rodrigues, Nosotros Dos - Raphy Leavitt Y Orquesta La Selecta* - Provócame. You are prepared, go forth, help others to fulfill their dreams.

We are proud of you. Good luck always. We are all very proud of you and your accomplishments at Salve Regina. Happy Michael Holm - Regina Maris Day to a wonderful daughter and sis- ter.

We are so proud of you. The places you'll go! I'm so proud of what you've accomplished! Good luck in your future endeavors! We've loved and been proud of you every step of the way. May the sun always shine on your window pane. May a rainbow be certain to follow each rain. May a hand of a friend always be near you. May God fill your heart with gladness to cheer you. We're very proud of you. We are very proud of you.

We're so proud of you everyday! Good luck! We are very proud of you! You have given, us nothing but joy through all these years. Hold on to your memories and always remember "Little Princess, your Mommy and Daddy love you. Fly away our precious one, to new and exciting horizons.

Wc wish you sunshine and happiness always. Well done. Love, F. A job well done- We love you! Michael Holm - Regina MarisAunts, Uncles, Cousins. We are very proud of the wonderful job you have done and wish you much success in the future. We are proud of what you've done and how you've done it. You are the best. Each faculty member is qualified, not just in education or expertise, for without exception. We appreciate the dedication and profession- alism of the faculty. Without them, we would not be able to set goals, for there would be no stan- dards of education; we would not be able to achieve those goals, and we would have fewer memories of shining moments to carry us through our futures.

Kiernan welcomes "the ailing professor" to Mardi Clras. Rosalind Kiernan in her re- tirement. Located for the second year in North Hall, they offer a complete range of services while remaining committed to the philosophy that a comprehensive education includes learning how to establish and main- tain proper health care patterns. Also located in North Hall. John Rok, M. They ac- complish these tasks through individual and group counseling and special programs.

Mary Warthog - Turn To The Future Connell John Rok. Director of Counseling Jan Gordon. Counselor 44 Sr. Fuzzy Stomp - Various - Top Szene Hamburg Stapleton Mr.

Answer: The Instructional Technology Center better known as l. Yes, you too can Crush - Toroembolado* - Toroembolado such greats as Henry Fonda and Bette Davis.

Behind the camera of every star lurks a talen cameraman you say'. After all. Shakespeare was not kidding when he said. No, this is not your common establishment for lending books. Library is adorned with chandliers and a staircase that can stir almost any dormant imagination.

It's the place to hear Director Steven Painchaud say, "Come in; sit down and let me help you. It's the place to go where Sr. Jane and Sr. Consilii open their doors and hus- Gloga - Rain For Love you in to solve the problem which you prompted - throwing the T.

It's where you go to complain about your R. Secretary Jean Cooney ushers you in and reminds you to "use the other door! Locat- ed in Miley Hall Basement, it "serves to provide a residential atmosphere Teenage Beat - Little Walter - Teenage Beat / Just A Feeling to academic ex- cellence. Steve Painchaud, Director of Residence Sr.

Consilii Reynolds Sr. Headed by Joan Whalen and members of the student body, activities range from mixers to film festi- vals even a worst film festival! The of- fice also assists class officers planning their activities and supervises class elec- tions.

College Activities throws lifelines like providing last minute shopping trips to Fall River and New York at holiday time.

I heir new office with its thick pile carpel. Joseph Souza the Building. Grounds and Maintenance Departments are responsible for keeping the physical plant of our campus in smooth and running order. Often we became used to our surroundings and took them for granted. Sometimes Dead Girls Of London - Frank Zappa, Bob Dylan - Frankie Meets Bobby did not notice the many people working to make our campus as beautiful as it is.

Some- times in pursuit of convenience we may have walked across a lawn instead of on the sidewalk, dropped a piece of litter in the gutter, or we complained about the heat in a dorm at the very same time someone was working hard to fix the problem.

But in the end we did appreciate the hard work and dedication of the men and women in these departments, for surely without them our campus would not have been our kingdom — the place where we found our shining moments. Ken Cardone the cafeteria, located Michael Holm - Regina Maris Miley Hall, served not nnlv three meals a day. Many an hour was spent by students in the cafeteria catching up on the latest news from friends and making plans for school and weekend activities.

From checking on one's status towards graduation or signing up for extra in a certain subject, the ARC was a busy place this year. With its helpful. It on campus. The department is also respon- sible for securing all campus buildings and facilities and enforcing parking regula- tions. Constant radio contact is maintained between a dispatcher and officers asigned to foot and vehicular patrol. The dispatch- er can be reached any time by phone. The dispatcher will also summon city police and fire department assistance in emergen- cy situations.

It is an essential aspect ni the college life because it flows from andont erns it sell primarily with the very na- ture of the College - - fostering and strengthening a community of faith, pro- claiming the Gospel and its values, cele- brating the life of the community, calling all its members to a deeper awareness and experience of their responsibilities in ser- vice to one another.

S Michael Holm - Regina Maris at the College have the oppor- tunity to he actively involved in the minis- terial roles of the Church implemented through Vatican II. Raise your voices, lilt your hearts. I liis is the Regina Maris Theme - Joachim Heider the Lord has made. Who was thai'" Every year at the masquerade parly there are crazier — and more frightening — costumes! This i ear, the cavernous hall of Carey Mansion added spectacle to the specters.

The party is a time when the little kid in us comes out; we dress in the traditional garb of witches, goblins, ghosts and more. For one night in October, we can be anything or anyone we want to be. Before the autumn sets in No- vember or a time of peace and Christian renewal arrives with Christmas, we make one bright, spooky, shining moment. On December lit and II. Ochre Court was the location for people to gather from far and Regina Maris Theme - Joachim Heider to join in the holiday spirit.

The combined sound of the three choruses, Madrigals, Concert Choir and Women's horns, were the evening's entertainment. I he singers brought delight to every audience mem- ber with each song they sang. The audience became enthralled with the program and joined with the singers Michael Holm - Regina Maris the holiday spirit, singing along to famil- iar tunes.

People left the concert feeling invigorated, anx- iously waiting for Christmas Day to arrive so the mood that this program set would not die. The concert may have lasted for "one shining moment," but it will live in the hearts and souls of the people who attended until next year's program. Tricia Farley adds a shining moment to the tree decorating ceremony as part of the students' Christmas week festivities.

Chris Mac Lellan joins in the singing at the Regina Maris Theme - Joachim Heider Christmas celebration. Our own version featured cos- tumes every hit as grand as those of the Old South.

As students paraded through the foyer of Ochre Court they were handed masks, though many stu- dents showed up incognito to puzzle and confuse friends. Even though a mid-semester break meant that many students weren't in Newport over the St.

Patrick's Day weekend, holiday celebrations contin- ued in stride. Michael Holm - Regina Maris choruses of the col- lege presented "Ireland the Land of Song" on March 10 and Lucille emceed the program which opened with a performance of the national anthems of Eire and the United States.

The pro- gram then slowed to a selection of bal- lads performed by the Michael Holm - Regina Maris Sing- ers, a double quartet, and several solo- Devils Song - Big Pig - Bonk. Mairead Doherty played the Irish harp, and a group of Irish dancers add- ed sparkle to the Great Hall.

It seemed that spring was just around the corner. The Contenders and Charisma, re- spectively, provided the times; students provided the fun. We ate, drank, danced and were pretty merry surrounded by the history and splendor of Ochre Court. Only Salve knows for sure what marble floors can do for the art of dance. Gail and her date could have danced all night Sharon and her beau go casual at the end of Legiony Słońca - Abusiveness - Trioditis great evening.

The Bag Pipes - Arto Lindsay Trio - Aggregates 1-26 of gaining sponsors and dancing in the twenty- hour marathon gave students the opportunity to meet their classmates, work for the good of others and have fun on campus Having fun was yet an- other expectation of the event. There was an abun- dance of good dance music, friends to share the excitement and the exhaustion with, and refresh- ments to A eep Regina Maris Theme - Joachim Heider dancers going.

The students who participated, plus all those involved in organizing and running the Dance Marathon are to be con- gratulated for a successful, beneficial and enjoy- able event. There's Michael Holm - Regina Maris Stopping Us! Nursing stu- dents found the Nursing Career Day, No- vember 30, of great help as they pursue their vocations. Juniors and seniors look- ing forward to graduation were able to in- vestigate job opportunities in their fields, while all nursing students had the chance to learn about different avenues open to them, from hospital representatives and visiting nurses alike.

Though the faculty receive an "A" for effort, the students pulled off a victory in the final Regina Maris Theme - Joachim Heider of the game. Looks Like We've Made It If we do not care to remember the struggles of our first year, let us rejoice in our successes — new Stick Together - Seconds Of Peace - Hanging To The Tunes Of Doom. Program Director Serious I?

Change is Michael Holm - Regina Maris painful, yet ever need;:. Sigma Phi Sigma honored Sr. Lucille and was represented hy Sally Lueilte's ' Willis, President. Lucille McKillop's service was graciously recognized. Stu- dents greeted Sr. On Wednesday, the col lege staff and ad- ministration sang their version of Gilbert and Sullivan's "II. Bag Pipes - Arto Lindsay Trio - Aggregates 1-26 for "Salve's Captain.

Joseph Garrahy honored Sr. Lucille and presented her with a proclamation. And on the following day. Karen Dobson. O'Hare Lounge.

This year, there ly happening. This year's organizations should be commended for their efforts and achieve- ments leading to a solid future. Thrash Lifestyle - D.S.-13* - Killed By The Kids and Awards Day and Commencement activi- ties.

Sally Willis 94 Sigma Officers with advisors Sr. Shield ami Sr. Everyone, however, was enthusiastic about the one-acts presented in March. Ellen Toole and Doug Bow den. These first student directors re- present the growth which has taken place within the Newport College Theatre Com- pany this year, beginning with the fall musical.

Recent spring productions were "Pigeons" and "Zoo Story. Thousands Strong Though in the words of one officer. It serves as a professional organi- zation for Special Education majors and plans activities and advocacy for those with special needs. Holiday events included the annual Halloween party, the making of Christmas ornaments, and an Easter egg hunt on the grounds of Wakehurst.

In April, twelve members of CEC. A week of professional seminars and exhibitions gave the group afresh look at what is being done to help those with special needs. Miley women formed a special camara- derie as they adjusted to college and living above the cafeteria and security. Other reisdents Regina Maris Theme - Joachim Heider united by dorm parties.

Regina Maris Theme - Joachim Heider brought storm after storm until spring finally came, and students set off to sunbathe before studying for finals. With summer almost upon us before classes let out, we found that it was a great year, after all, to be in Newport. The dedica- tion ol the Athletic Department, led by Brother Michael Reynolds, focused on each student involved in sports 1 his year, oi the teams and indivi, cils. I nder the direction oj new coach.

Marc Jannitto, the team played its toughest schedule ever, ending the season with a record. The spirit oj the season, however, was not reflected in the record. The early return program, a S uccessful indoor soccer program, and sev- eral overtime games contributed to an ex- citing year for the team and for Salve ath- letics in general. Ken Findley. Matt Tilley. Mike Holloway, Frank Scalzo. Dave Barnes. Pat Beron, Capt. Vic practices his juggling act Regina Maris Theme - Joachim Heider.

Coach Michael Segerson. Playing a pair of minute scrimmages against Stonehill and Babson and a minute contest against Wheaton, the Newporters displayed strong defensive Michael Holm - Regina Maris. She won the meters in 2 : Gerry Michael Holm - Regina Maris With a shy smile.

Gerry Willis admits that he really doesn't train as he should. Any training that he does takes place at the local YMCA. He competes four or Jive times a year. George's rink in Middletown included faculty and friends. On the ice, the skaters looked alternately confident and nervous in their finale, testament to the inexperience of many of them.

Yet the program concluded without a mishap and the audience loved the show. The person behind all of this,ostumes and choreography alike, was Tyla Thihodeau. Tyla has been skating competitively for years. I his rear she brought the skill and grace of the sport of ice skating to the College community through the outstanding Christmas and Spring Skating Club performances. Martha Tortora. Lori Legowski. Wayne Williams. Back row, L-R: John Skeffington.

Christopher Mass. Chris- topher Dyer. Michael Reynolds, Coach, Lisa Coreia. Michael Reynolds. The Salve men. Evans' times were 4 Salve's Mary Nunes won the meters in 14 seconds flat.

Other scorers for the Newport College were Aneie. Brady second in the in Salve's foursome of Christopher Holloway. Matt Woermer, Thomas Cicateilo and Scott Didniha was clocked in 50 8 seconds in winning the 4 by re. Cicateilo was third at Didniha fourth with a throw of feel. Robin Malinowski. Dina Pedisich, Joyce Army. Thomas Cicatiello.

L-R: Brian Paquette. Anthony Kargul. The Newporters. Tony Kargul 84 notched the ace on the par 3. Francis J4. Photos of Regina Maris front and back covers. Lewes, UK: Book Guild, Notes: Autobiographical essays by Jon Aage Wilson, who converted the schooner-rigged Regina into the barquentine-rigged Regina Maris and commanded her on two round-the-world voyages in the s. San Pedro, Calif. Notes: Summer Vol 22 Number 2. London: Nautical Institute of Great Britain, Notes: Photo of Regina Maris figurehead on cover.

Publication co-sponsored by the Marine Society. Notes: Document is a Regina Maris Theme - Joachim Heider of collection items only; there are no images of item. News of the Day, Vol. Romantic Voyager], by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. Hollywood: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Aug. Notes: Splendid full color, oblong format book on all the world's tall ships at time of publication.

Regina Maris chapter is at pages 78 — This illustration is reproduced on this page, starboard side profile, under the British Red Ensign. New York: Two Continents Publishing, Notes: Official publication Regina Maris Theme - Joachim Heider Op Sail Includes photo and descriptive text.


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