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Trail of Tears: A World Symphony. Engineer, Liner Notes. New Wave Classics. Compilation Producer. Mission: Impossible and Other Movie Hits. Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Keyboards. Sexual Healing. Simplicity, Vol. Performer, Primary Artist. The Hollywood's Greatest Hits. Arranger, Orchestration. Bill Broughton.

Movies Greatest Hits. Movies: The Greatest Hits. Keyboards, Performer, Primary Artist. Music of ABBA. Producer, Engineer, Arranger, Mixing, Keyboards.

Music of Carole King. Arranger, Keyboards. Music of Linda Ronstadt. Orinoco Flow: The Music of Enya. Assistant Producer. Kenton Alumni Band. Music of Genesis. Producer, Arranger, Musician. Call Me. Vance Kelly. Giant Steps. Great Epics: Music of Adventure Movies. Bruce Broughton. Music for Murder: Themes from Suspense Movies. Sex and Seduction: Love Themes from the Movies. Stay Loaded. War is Hell: Battle Music from the Movies.

Greg Osby. The Classic Collection. Alice in Chains. Good Candy. Lovie Lee. Love Me Now. Tommy Tate. Music 'n Me. He was devoted to the popularization of astronomical activities. The Oohira station of Nihondaira Observatory, where this object was discovered, was very active in making NASA Capsule - Lee Johnson - Sand Floor Cathedral of comets and minor planets from to The author of twelve books, the first inKnutsson lived not far from the locations where many of the adventures take place.

Some of the adventures of this cat, whose tail was bitten off by a rat when he was only a few days old, take place in the section of Uppsala where the astronomical observatory is located. The old and wise cat seldom fails to notice when Pelle is being treated unfairly and often takes his side in arguments. She lives in the belfry of the Uppsala cathedral. He lived in the Observatory park in Uppsala and gave his name to one of the first modern computers at the Astronomical Observatory.

Arne Ardeberg bornSwedish professor emeritus of astronomy at Lund Observatory, was director of the European Southern Observatory at La Silla between and He played a very important role in the development of future extremely large telescopes with primary mirrors of aperture 30—50 meters.

Schalkenmehren is a small German village not far from the city of Daun in the Ardennes Eifel. A small road leads to the Hoher List Observatory.

Hiroshi Tsunemi bornOsaka University, has worked in x-ray astronomy as a chief scientist of the x-ray observing satellite ASCA. His scientific interest is focused on the structure and chemical composition of supernova remnants and related high-energy phenomena, as Thriller - Michael Jackson - Thriller - Edition Limitée Or as on the design of new x-ray detectors.

Sigenori Miyamoto born is one of the pioneers of x-ray astronomy in Japan. Inhe invented a spark chamber that has been widely used for measuring the path of charged particles. Later, he started studies on x-ray objects and discovered the short time flux variation of x-ray sources. Hazel McGee, a British amateur astronomer was meetings secretary of the British Astronomical Association from to and has been editor of the association's Journal sincecarrying out this task most efficiently and introducing many improvements.

She is an enthusiastic observer of variable stars and of stellar occultations by minor planets. Kunio Kenmotsu born has been director of the Kurashiki Observatory since He also served successively as director of its hydrographic stations in Shimosato, Kurashiki and Bisei from to Sumizi Hara — provided the means for establishing the Kurashiki Observatory in and for operating it thereafter. The observatory is open to the general public and was the first of its kind in Japan. Hara was awarded many prizes, including "Honorary Citizen of Kurashiki City".

A natural sciences high-school teacher in Italy, Alcide Bittesini kindled his then-nine-year-old son's interest in astronomy by showing him a comet, using a handmade telescope constructed from a tin can, a pair of glasses and an Escaping Advent Palace - Triple-Q - Cut, Paste, And Kill from his microscope.

Hesiod c. In the epic poem Works and Days Hesiod affirms his belief in justice and his feeling for the rhythm of life and nature. According to myth, the giant Daitarabochi built Mt. Fuji using nearby soil. The area from which he dug became Lake Biwa, the largest lake in Japan.

The myth also claims that the many lakes in Japan were the footsteps of Daitarabochi. Hyoichi Kohno bornJapanese adventurer, born in Ehime prefecture, where this minor planet was discovered. Sincehe has boated down the Yukon River; climbed Mt. Inhe became the first Japanese to walk to the North Pole alone. Bradford A. Smith — was an American astronomer who served as the principal investigator of the Imaging Experiment Team of the Voyager missions to the outer planets and has also contributed to many other NASA missions.

He has also served as president of IAU Commission Guido Mirimao —internationally known painter and draftsman. A graphic artist who contributed regularly to newspapers and magazines, from to he received a great number of prizes in national exhibitions.

He also created art works and murals on sacred subjects in Italy and abroad. A teacher at the Prague Academy of Musical Arts and a member of the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, he is a pianist who is always in great demand as an accompanist for Czech and foreign singers.

As a lover of astronomy, he influenced and supported his daughter in her desire to become an astronomer. This minor planet was discovered on the day after his birthday. Margherita Hack —Italian astrophysicist, director of the Trieste Astronomical Observatory —director of the astronomy department of Trieste University — and — and a former president of IAU Commission Although her studies have ranged from optics and solar physics to radioastronomy galactic cm emissionher main fields of research remain stellar spectroscopy, stellar atmospheres and observable effects of stellar evolution.

Her present interests are the ultraviolet and optical spectroscopy of close interacting binaries, atmospheric eclipsing binaries and symbiotic stars.

Takio Tsubaki — was a solar physicist concerned particularly with the observational study of the solar corona and prominences.

Leonid Leonidovich Sikoruk born is a Russian astronomy popularizer, telescope builder, astrophotographer and film director in Russia. The name was suggested by forum users on www. Anomalocaris "abnormal shrimp"a prehistoric animal. The large carnivorous arthropod, was one of the many uniquely shaped multicellular creatures that appeared during the Cambrian explosion. The name was suggested by I. Lawrence Larry Wilson, whom discoverer E. Helin has known since his childhood.

Yoshiaki Taniguchi born works mainly in extragalactic physics at Tohoku University. He promoted the first mid-infrared deep survey for dust-enshrouded young galaxies at high redshift using the Infrared Space Observatory and an optical deep survey for very-high-redshift galaxies using the Subaru Telescope.

Makoto Irie born is known for his outstanding coronal observations with the coronagraph at the Norikura Solar Observatory. He also made countless sunspot drawings at the National Astronomical Observatory NASA Capsule - Lee Johnson - Sand Floor Cathedral Japan during his service there from to Seishi Takeuchi born is an amateur astronomer and a painter. He has served as a volunteer artist for the planetarium of Hiroshima Children's Museum for 20 years and has contributed to more than 70 planetarium shows.

Chosei Komori born is a planetary geologist who works as a leader of the Planetary Geological Society of Japan. He is now studying the surface geology of the terrestrial planets and the evolution of the solar system. He is also known as a popularizer of planetary science. Shoji Kato bornJapanese astrophysicist and professor emeritus of Kyoto University, has been engaged in studying theories concerning oscillations and waves in accretion disks embedded in active galactic nuclei and proto-planetary disks.

Hieizana Japanese mountain located to the northeast of Kyoto and to the west of Lake Biwa. Enryaku-ji Temple was constructed on the summit of Hieizan in the eighth century. It has NASA Capsule - Lee Johnson - Sand Floor Cathedral an important role, not only in Buddhism, but also in the history and culture of Japan.

Robert Pinsky bornpoet laureate of the United States since Besides several books of poetry, Pinsky has produced a much-acclaimed new English translation of Dante's Inferno. Written in slant rhyme, Pinsky's version captures the rhythm and grandeur of the great Italian poet's masterpiece. Johnenis a mountain in Nagano prefecture and part of the northern Japanese Alps.

Popular with climbers, the m peak is especially famous because an Englishman, Walter Weston —climbed it in and spread the word of its beauty all over the world. Kazuhisa Mishima borna Japanese astronomy curator at the Kurashiki Science Center, is an eager planetarium educator who spreads astronomy in an enjoyable way. He makes available predictions for viewing artificial satellites. Johann Jakob Froberger —German organist and composer of his day.

A pupil of Frescobaldi, he combined features of many national styles. His toccate, full of imaginative chromatic harmonies, were copied out and imitated by J. The purple heron Ardea purpurea a wading bird. The hoopoe Upupa epopsa colorful bird found across Afro-Eurasia, notable for its distinctive "crown" of feathers. The little grebe Tachybaptus ruficollisalso known as dabchick, a water bird.

The pied avocet Recurvirostra avosettaa large black and white wading bird. The Eurasian bittern Botaurus stellarisa wading bird. The Montagu's harrier Circus pygargusa bird of prey of the harrier family. The great grey shrike Lanius excubitoralso known as the northern shrike, is a large songbird. The whinchat Saxicola rubetraa small migratory passerine bird. The marbled duck Marmaronetta angustirostrisa medium-sized duck. The little tern Sterna albifronsa seabird.

The roseate tern Sterna dougalliia seabird. The pin-tailed sandgrouse Andrea Corr - Ten Feet High alchataa medium large bird in the sandgrouse family.

The Sandwich tern Sterna sandvicensisa seabird. The black grouse Tetrao tetrixa large game bird in the grouse family. The sand martin Riparia ripariaa migratory passerine bird in the swallow family. The great reed warbler Acrocephalus arundinaceusa small Eurasian passerine. The stone curlew Burhinus oedicnemusa bird also known as dikkops or thick-knees. The woodchat shrike Lanius senatora small bird and member of the shrike family Laniidae. Jean Vanier — was a Canadian Catholic philosopher, theologian, and humanitarian.

As the founder of two global communities L'Arche, Faith and Light for people with intellectual disabilities, he presents a compelling vision of a fully human life, lived in compassionate community.

Vladimir Chelomey —a NASA Capsule - Lee Johnson - Sand Floor Cathedral designer of space technology, created space systems for Salyut manned stations and various other applications. Ivan Shuvalov —was a prominent Russian government figure who contributed to the development of Russian science and art and was a patron of scientists, writers and painters.

He was a founder and first curator of Moscow University. They were still active members of the SuperKamiokande Collaboration and Supernova Cosmology Project at the time of naming.

Name suggested by C. Judith Goldhaber bornscience writer for four decades at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. The observatory has about visitors annually. The naming commemorates the twentieth anniversary of the Mariestad Astronomy Club, celebrated in August Name proposed and citation prepared by H. Rickman Src. Jim Parsons bornan American actor who portrays the fictional Caltech theoretical physicist Dr.

Mayim Bialik bornan American actress and real-life neuroscientist, portrays the fictional neurobiologist Amy Farrah Fowler in the television sitcom "The Big Bang Theory".

Johnny Galecki bornan American actor who portrays the fictional Caltech physicist Dr. Simon Helberg bornan American actor and comedian who portrays the fictional Caltech aerospace engineer Howard Wolowitz in the television sitcom "The Big Bang Theory". Melissa Rauch bornan American NASA Capsule - Lee Johnson - Sand Floor Cathedral and comedian who portrays microbiologist Bernadette Rostenkowski in the television sitcom "The Big Bang Theory".

Kunal Nayyar borna British-born Indian actor who portrays the fictional Caltech astrophysicist Dr. David Saltzberg born is a professor of physics and astronomy at the University of California, NASA Capsule - Lee Johnson - Sand Floor Cathedral Angeles, and science consultant for the television sitcom "The Big Bang Theory".

Chuck Lorre born Charles Michael Levine, is an American television writer, director, and producer. He is co-creator and executive producer of the situation comedy "The Big Bang Theory". Bill Prady born is an American television writer and producer. Margaret Ericksen Egleston NASA Capsule - Lee Johnson - Sand Floor Cathedral a scientific programmer at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics since Fritz Neubauer born is a pioneer in space science.

His main fields are planetary magnetic fields and magnetospheres, interplanetary plasma and the interaction of the solar wind with comets. The name was suggested by M. Yurij Aleksandrovich Osipov borna physician at the Bakhchisaraj regional hospital in the Crimea.

Malvina Maury borndaughter of astronomer Alain Maury who participated in the discovery of this minor planet. NASA Capsule - Lee Johnson - Sand Floor Cathedral was born on the day of discovery, in Poway, near San Diego, while her father was working at Palomar Observatory. Rita Schulz borna German planetary scientist at the European Space Agency, is an expert on the physical and chemical properties of comets. Quercusor oak trees, is a genus belonging to the family Fagaceae.

The English oak Quercus robur reaches a height of 30—40 m and an age of more than a thousand years. The silver birch Betula pendulaa plant species in the genus Betula belonging to the family Betulaceae. It is a beautiful tree with an almost white bark. It grows fast and reaches a height of about 25 m and an age of 60—80 years.

Populusa genus of plants including aspen and cottonwood, belongs to the family Salicaceae. Populus nigra black poplar is a fast-growing tree with a height of about 30 m, whereas Populus tremula trembling aspen is easily recognizable by its shimmering appearance. Salixknown as willowsis a genus belonging to the family Salicaceae. Salix alba white willow is a small tree with long, thin leaves. This fast-growing tree is used for windbreaks and screens.

Salix caprea goat or pussy willow is a fast-growing small tree with striking catkins in early spring. Juglans or walnut trees, is a genus belonging to the family Juglandaceae Juglans regia English walnut produces a particularly delicious fruit. Acaciaa genus of NASA Capsule - Lee Johnson - Sand Floor Cathedralknown as the wattles or acacias, belonging to the family Mimosaceae. Acacia mearnsii mimosa is a shrub with feathery leaves composed of many small leaflets.

The strongly scented tiny yellow flowers are grouped in loose, rounded clusters. Cupressus cypressbelonging to the family Cupressaceae. Cupressus macrocarpa Monterrey cypress produces a durable wood. Cupressocyparis leylandii Leyland cypresshybridized from the macrocarpiahas scale-like dark green leaves that are arranged at various angles to the shoot.

These trees are typical of the landscape in Tuscany. Cedrus cedarbelonging to the family Pinaceae. Cedrus libani cedar of Lebanon has a fruit that is an ovoid upright cone. David Alexander Johnston —an American volcanologist. NASA Capsule - Lee Johnson - Sand Floor Cathedral Richters borna film director and producer, who has worked to increase awareness of the dangers of asteroid impacts on the Earth. In he founded Asteroid Daya worldwide organisation centered on identifying all dangerous NEOs and developing ways to avoid an impending catastrophe.

Dauna German Downtown Chicago - Tangerine Dream - MP3 Collection - Tangerine Dream Part 2 in the Eifel regionnot far from the Belgian border. Well known for its volcanic lakes and healthy mineral water Dauner Sprudel, it has recently celebrated its th anniversary.

Fritz Reuter —a German poet and social critic. Theodor Fontane — on the occasion of the th anniversary of his death. He brought the German novel NASA Capsule - Lee Johnson - Sand Floor Cathedral worldwide California Dream Express - Peter, Sue & Marc - On Top. Samuel F.

Morse —an American painter and inventor who in developed the code of dots and dashes that now bears his name. A beautiful example of his music is La Marche des Combattans. Carl Charlier Air - Galt MacDermot, James Rado, Gerome Ragni - Hair - The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical (OrigiSwedish professor of astronomy at Uppsala during — and later at Lund, worked in several fields of astronomy, including celestial mechanics and photometry.

He was one of the leading founders of stellar statistics, applying mathematical statistics to astronomical problems. Ronea small parish on Gotland, Sweden, is well known for the lyrics NASA Capsule - Lee Johnson - Sand Floor Cathedral the song Rune from Rone. Nearby Uggarde Rojr, a year-old burial mound from the Bronze Age with a diameter of 50 meters and a NASA Capsule - Lee Johnson - Sand Floor Cathedral of 7 meters, is one of the biggest in Sweden.

Burs is a small parish on the Swedish island of Gotland. Gustav Edman —well known for his height 2. Burs also has the remains of the largest house 67 x 11 meters in Sweden from the Roman Iron Age.

Located here on a hill are the remains of a fortification nearly years old, the biggest in Scandinavia. From that hill many of the medieval churches on the island can be seen. Adolf Reichwein —resistance fighter in Nazi Germany. A set of highly original nocturnes, barcaroles and impromptus was composed after the example of Chopin. His Ballade for piano is very popular.

Mark Akenside —a British poet and physician who studied medicine at the University of Leiden. There he met the French philosopher d'Holbach, who translated his well-known philosophical essay The Pleasures of Imagination into French Timothy D.

Swindle bornof the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, is NASA Capsule - Lee Johnson - Sand Floor Cathedral meteoriticist who has specialized in the study of noble gases in meteorites.

Swindle has used meteorites, including the martian meteorites, to study the atmospheres of other planets and water products in the Solar System. Noboru Matsuki borna Japanese amateur astronomer who has accumulated a huge amount of observational data on sunspots since Nils Bergvall born NASA Capsule - Lee Johnson - Sand Floor CathedralSwedish astronomer at Uppsala Observatory, studies galaxy evolution and is also interested in music.

Kjell Eriksson borna Swedish astronomer and director of Uppsala Observatorywhere he studies stellar atmospheres. Kjell Olofsson borna Swedish astronomer who studies galaxies. He is the director of undergraduate studies at the Uppsala Observatory and studies galaxies. Bertil Pettersson borna Swedish astronomer studies star formation, especially T Tauri stars and Herbig—Haro objects.

He is also the system manager at the Uppsala Observatory. Lieven Gevaert — was a Flemish Belgian industrialist who established the L. Gevaert glass NASA Capsule - Lee Johnson - Sand Floor Cathedral have been used for many purposes in astronomy, especially for the astrometry of minor planets.

Akio Nakanishi bornJapanese astrophotographer and member of Mount Nyukasa stationwhere this minor planet was discovered. Tadao Nakano bornOsaka City University, proposed in the so-called Nakano-Nishijima-Gell-Man rule of the statistics of elementary particles, which became one of the NASA Capsule - Lee Johnson - Sand Floor Cathedral of the quark model. His interests also extend to general relativity and to gauge theory. Kozo Sadakane bornOsaka Kyoiku University, is an expert on the analysis of stellar spectra.

Kadluthe Eskimo thunder-goddess was originally a little girl who played so noisily that her parents told her and her sisters to go NASA Capsule - Lee Johnson - Sand Floor Cathedral to play. Walter N. Hawley, physics and astronomy teacher at Saint Paul's School in Concord, NASA Capsule - Lee Johnson - Sand Floor Cathedral Hampshire and director of the school observatory there, and friend of the discoverer [8].

Suzuko Hurukawa bornwife of astronomer Kiichirou Hurukawa. Giacomo Leopardi —the great poet and philosopher from the Italian Romantic period. Full of astronomical references, his poetry expresses the great sense of bewilderment of post-Copernican man, faced with an infinite variety of worlds of which he is no longer the center, but only infinitesimal and marginal.

Name suggested and citation prepared by M. Richard Viktorov —a Soviet director best known for his fantasy film Moscow-Cassiopeia. It describes new findings from the whole spectrum of science including astronomy, biology, chemistry, cybernetics, genetics, geology, medicine and physics, NASA Capsule - Lee Johnson - Sand Floor Cathedral well as their interdisciplinary connections.

Wally Schirrabornthe only astronaut to command Mercury, Gemini and Apollo spacecraft. Azumayama, a volcanic mountain range that forms the border between the Fukushima and Yamagata prefecture in the northern part of mainland Japan.

Keiko Morinaga borna member of the Matsue Astronomy Club and the wife and observing partner of the discoverer. Masao Mimatsu —a Japanese postmaster and an amateur volcanologist. Anne S. Descour bornan imaginative and energetic computer scientist at the University of Arizona's Lunar and Planetary Laboratory.

Iidesan mountain range and national park, which forms the borders between Fukushima, Niigata and Yamagata prefectures in northern mainland Japan. Seiichi Tejima19th—20th-century Japanese education advocate, who contributed to the development of what is now the National Science Museum of Japan and founder of what is now Kyoritsu Women's University. Takashi Ohsugi borncurrently director of the Hiroshima Astrophysical Science Center, is an expert on the development of semiconductor detectors for high-energy astrophysics.

Brian D. WarnerAmerican astronomer, discoverer of minor planets and publisher of the Minor Planet Observer monthly newsletter. Sakai Yoshio — is a Japanese pioneer in building astronomical observatories for the general public. He established the Hidahiko Tenmondai at his own expense. He also toiled as director of Ogawa Astronomical Observatory founded NASA Capsule - Lee Johnson - Sand Floor Cathedral contributing much to education in astronomy. Osao Shigehisa born a Japanese astronomer, who has actively observed variable stars since An enthusiastic recorder of the activities of Japanese amateur astronomers, he played an important role in compiling a History of Amateur Astronomy in Japan inas well as a sequel in Takehiro Hayashi born is a Japanese professor at Hiroshima University.

His main research field is education in astronomy and earth science, and he has given children, students and adults alike many opportunities to observe celestial objects with telescopes. Saji Observatorylocated in Saji, Tottori, Japan. With its 1. Saji's residents constructed their observatory inand the village assembly adopted a rule of keeping the skies dark. Wenceslaus I, Duke of Bohemia c. The naming also honors his descendants.

William P. Delaney, director's fellow at M. Lincoln Laboratory. This is a donation of the fruit of an optical search program to an expert in radar. Asahi, the mountain range forming the border between Niigata and Yamagata prefectures in the northern part of mainland Japan. Meaning "morning sun", the name is also that of several Japanese towns and villages, as well as of another mountain range.

They are unequalled in the rock era as prolific songwriters and innovative recording artists with George Martin. The red-crested pochard Netta rufinaa bird. The black-necked grebe Podiceps nigricollisa bird.

The short-eared owl Asio flammeusa bird. The black-crowned night heron Nycticorax nycticoraxa bird. The spoonbill Platalea leucorodiaa bird. The common eider Somateria mollissimaa bird. The hen harrier Circus cyaneusa bird. The grey partridge Perdix perdixa bird. The crakes Porzanaa genus of birds. The corncrake Crex crexa bird. The cranes Grusa genus of birds. The ringed plover Charadrius hiaticulaa bird. The ruff Philonachus pugnaxa bird.

The Niger RiverWest Africa; several birds and plants also have niger "black" as a species epithet, e. The common redshank Tringa totanus a bird. The bearded tit Panurus biarmicus a bird. Several birds have minutus "small" as a species epithet, e. The green woodpecker Picus viridis a bird. Several birds have cristatus "crested" as a species epithet, e.

Several birds and plants have campestris "of fields" as a species epithet, e. Juan Carlos Forte bornArgentinian astronomer, has conducted most of his professional work at the La Plata Observatory. His main field of research is the galactic and extragalactic system of globular clusters, an area to which he has contributed over refereed papers.

Paul Boltwood borna Canadian computer scientist and amateur astronomer. He monitored the peculiar object OJ for some two years. He also obtained deep-sky CCD images with limiting magnitude Irina N. Her research focuses on the spin and surface properties of main-belt minor planets, in particular of M-type asteroids. She has made important contributions in this field by combining photometric and polarimetric observations with optical laboratory measurements of the analogous asteroidal materials.

Catherine LabeyrieFrench astronomer and hypersentitisation expert of the 0. Thomas G. His observational work includes mid- to far-infrared photometry, spectroscopy and polarimetry with the Infrared Space Observatory. He has developed and applied various thermophysical models and techniques, in order to derive physical properties of minor planets. Because of the great accuracy he achieved, future telescope projects in the infrared will also benefit from these efforts, since minor planets are well suited as calibration targets, Name proposed and citation prepared by J.

Carolyn R. Nugent borna postdoctoral researcher at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Scott Negley Jr. Through his work as a high school planetarium director, he motivated several students to actively pursue a career in astronomy and physics. Deborah E. Eric M. Eliason bornan American expert in image-processing techniques and image analysis for the U. Geological Survey's Astrogeologic Team, has used this expertise for data restoration and publishing activities in support of the Voyager and Mars Observer projects and the Clementine Mission to the Moon.

Petr Petrovich Petrov borna Ukrainian astrophysicist and leading scientist at the Crimean Astrophysical Observatoryis widely known for his work on the variability of young stars having solar mass.

He investigated magnetic and accretive activity in T Tauri stars and developed a concept for the magnetic activity of young stars. Viacheslav Fetisov bornan outstanding Russian sportsman, ice-hockey player and champion of two Olympic Games. Paul M. Schenk borna planetary geologist at the Lunar and Planetary Institute, Houston.

Fabio Roversi Monaco bornthe rector of the University of Bologna since John McFarland born has made a major contribution to promoting astronomy at Armagh Observatory. He Bat Macumba - Various - The Number 1 Brazilian Album well known for his knowledge of astronomy and his short biography of Kenneth Essex Edgeworth, the Irish astronomer who predicted the Edgeworth-Kuiper belt.

Heinrich Erwin Walther Schmadel —German journalist and editor-in-chief of several newspapers. His story is only an example of the common tragedy between Germans and Russians. There are thousands of people who never saw their fathers. Among these is Walther's son, astronomer Lutz D. This planet is a sign of understanding, friendship and forgiveness for us all. Dean Regas born has been Cincinnati Observatory Center's outreach astronomer since and an educator to thousands. George Gamow —a The EndOf A Dream - Loveninjas - The Secret Of The Loveninjas theoretical physicist and cosmologist.

His main scientific achievements include the creation of alpha and beta decay theory and the theory of the exploding Universe. Gamow was also the first to decipher the genetic code.

Through his popular lectures, articles and books he promoted public interest in science. Name suggested by S. You Cant Say No In Acapulco - Elvis Presley - It Happened At The Worlds Fair & Fun In Acapulco and supported by the discoverer.

Roy Traver, American photographer, philosopher, teacher, innovator, gourmet cook, and friend of the discoverers. Hermann Bondi —a British cosmologist, known for work on the steady-state theory of the universe, had an impressive career that encompassed mathematics, radar technology, energy, defence, ecology and humanism. As director general of the European Space Research Organization he was a leader in space research. Active in humanism, she served on the British Humanist Education Committee for many years.

Anja C. Andersen borna Jabbedabbedoe - Unknown Artist - 100 Discotheek Jingles astrophysicist, is an unusual combination of experimental, theoretical and observational work related to the properties and implications of dust particles.

In she received the European Commission's Descartes Prize for outstanding excellence in science communication. Aleksandra Semenovna Morozova bornmother of the Ukrainian astronomer Lyudmila Karachkinawho discovered this minor planet. Genta Yamamoto borna Japanese potter, began creating pottery at the age of 20 and is known for his efforts to revive "Hoshino ware", one of the traditional pottery styles of Japan. His works have a motif that imitates heavenly bodies. Known in Japan as "The Man who bakes a planet", he is working on a design in the style of a "star".

Debra L. Henricus Hubertus Altenrath —initiator and first director of the "Nijverheidsschool", a well-known Antwerp school for the teaching of technical professions.

Under his direction, the school began teaching in Flemish, which was not common at Wading In The Velvet Sea - Phish - Hampton Comes Alive - Selections From The 6CD Live Box Set time.

His name is still honored by the Association "Henric Altenrath". Majestic 12 - I Am discoverer has taught for many years at this school.

Aceraceae NASA Capsule - Lee Johnson - Sand Floor Cathedralthe maple family, with two genera and more than species. One well-known species is Acer saccharum sugar maplethe sap of which is used for maple syrup and maple sugar. Anacardiaceaethe cashew or mango family, with 80 genera and over species of evergreen and deciduous trees, shrubs and climbing plants. Anacardium occidentale western cashew yields a delicious fruit. Annonaceaethe custard apple family, with more than species. The trees are mainly tropical and include the species Annona squamosa sweetsopwhich has a sweet, pulpy fruit.

Aquifoliaceaethe holly NASA Capsule - Lee Johnson - Sand Floor Cathedralwith evergreens and deciduous species. Vera Stepanovna Novichkova borna Ukrainian doctor and hematologist, is the founder and head of the blood-transfusion station at Bakhchisaraj regional hospital in the 25 Or 6 To 4 - Chicago - Chicago. Ricarda Huch —a German novelist and poet, and critic of the fascist regime.

Born into a prosperous commercial family, she earned a doctorate in history in Zurich inafterwards working as a librarian and teacher. In she decided to become a writer. Her novels and stories depict historical figures and events. She was a critic of the fascist regime, and her last unfinished work was to portray the German resistance movement. Inshe retired from the Prussian Academy of Arts. Bignoniaceaethe catalpa family, with about genera and species with tubular flowers.

Among them are Bignonia capreolata trumpet flower and Crescentia cujete calabash. Buxaceaethe box family, with four or five genera and some 60 species of evergreen trees and shrubs. Buxus sempervirens English boxwood has very small leaves and is used for hedges and borders. Gerhard Lehmann borna German amateur astronomer and discoverer of minor planetswho with Jens Kandler measured some 70 precise positions of minor planets and comets from photographic plates obtained at Drebach. Among the positions he has derived after switching to CCD equipment in are some for the opposition of this object.

The Drebach NASA Capsule - Lee Johnson - Sand Floor Cathedral have made NASA Capsule - Lee Johnson - Sand Floor Cathedral than 30 Tautenburg objects appropriate for numbering. A teacher of physics and astronomy, Lehmann is also a popularizer of astronomy and since the head of the minor planets section of the Vereinigung der Sternfreunde. Miwa Saito, a junior high school science teacher. She has made an effort to popularize science and astronomy on her World Wide Web site.

Celastraceaethe staff-tree family, with genera and over species including many climbing plants. These include Celastrus scandens bittersweet and Euonymus europaeus European spindle treethe latter having pink fruit and orange seeds. Cercidiphyllaceaea family of plants with only one member, Cercidiphyllum japonicum katsura treeregarded as a plant of primitive origin. It was originally classified as belonging to the magnolias, but it seems more related to the planes.

Cornaceaeknown as dogwoods, a family of flowering plants, with about 12 genera and species of evergreens, deciduous trees and shrubs. Species include Cornus sanguinea red dogwood and Cornus florida flowering dogwood. Jens Kandlera German amateur astronomer. The present German submarine warfare against commerce is a warfare against mankind. It is a war against all nations. American ships have been sunk. American lives taken, in ways which it has stirred us very deeply to learn of, but the ships and people of other neutral and friendly nations have been sunk and overwhelmed in the waters in the same way.

There has been no discrimination. The challenge is to all mankind. Each nation must decide for itself how it will meet it. The choice we make for ourselves must be made with a moderation of counsel and a temperateness of judgment befitting our character and our motives as a nation.

We must put excited feelings away. Our motive will not be revenge or the victorious assertion of the physical might of the nation, but only he vindication of right — of which we are only a single champion. Fourteen When I addressed the Congress on the twenty-sixth of February last I thought it would suffice to assert our neutral rights with arms, our right to use the seas against unlawful interference, our right NASA Capsule - Lee Johnson - Sand Floor Cathedral keep our people safe against unlawful violence.

But armed neutrality, it The Maiden And The Nightingale - Various - Voyages 6 appears, is impractical-lie. Because submarines in effect are outlaws when used as the German submarines have been used against merchant shipping.

It is impossible to defend ships against their NASA Capsule - Lee Johnson - Sand Floor Cathedral as the law of nations has assumed that merchantmen would defend themselves against privateers or cruisers, visible craft giving chase upon the open sea.

It is common prudence in such circumstances, grim necessity indeed, to endeavor to destroy them before they have shown their own intention.

They must be dealt with upon sight, if dealt with at all. The German Government denies the right of neutrals to use arms at all within the areas of the sea which it has prescribed, even in the defense of rights which no modern publicist has ever before questioned their right to defend. The intimation is conveyed that the armed guards which we NASA Capsule - Lee Johnson - Sand Floor Cathedral placed on our merchant ships will be as beyond the pale of Farewell My Friend - Joe Troop - A Travelers Sketches and subject to be dealt with as pirates would be.

Armed neutrality is ineffectual enough at best ; in such circumstances and in the face of such pretentions it is worse than ineffectual; it is likely only to produce what it was meant to prevent: it is practically certain to draw us into the war without either the rights or the effectiveness of the belligerents. There is one choice we cannot make, we are incapable of making : we will not choose the path of submission and suffer the most sacred rights of our Nation and our people to be ignored or violated.

The wrongs against which we now array ourselves are no common wrongs : they cut to the very roots of human life. With a profound sense of the solemn and even tragical character of the step I am taking, and of the grave responsibilities which it involves, but in unhesitating obedience to what I deem my constitutional duty, I advise that the Congress declar-e that the recent course of the Imperial German Government to be in fact nothing less than war against the Government and people of the United States : that it formally accept the status of beligerent which has thus been thrust upon it : and that it take immediate steps not only to put the country into a more thorough state of defense, You Belong To Me (Zoutmans You Funk Mix) - Various - Hi-Bias ADE 2010 also to exert all its power and employ all its resources to bring the Government of the German Empire to terms and end the war.

What Stuck - She-Male Trouble - Burner will involve is clear. It will involve the utmost practicable cooperation in counsel and action with the governments now at war with Germany, and, as incident to that, the extension to those governments of the most liberal financial credits in order that our resources may, so far as possible, be added to theirs.

It will involve the organisation and mobilization of all the material sources of the country to supply the materials of the Nation in the most abundant and yet the most economical and efficient v ay possible. It will involve the immediate full equipment of the navy in all respects, but particularly in supplying it with the best means of dealing with the enemy's submarines.

It will involve the immediate addition to the armed forces of the United States already provided by law in case of war at least five hundred thousand men, who should, in my opinion be chosen upon the principle of universal liabili'y to service.

I Gay sustained so far as may be equitable ly taxation, because it seems to me that it would be most unwise to base the credits which will now be necessary entirely on borrowed money. It is our duty, I most respectfully urge, to protect our people so NASA Capsule - Lee Johnson - Sand Floor Cathedral as we may against the very serious hardships and evils which would be likely to arise out of the inflation which would be produced by huge loans.

In carrying out the measures by which these things are to be accomplished we should keep constantlv in mind the wisdom of interfering as little as possible in our own preparation and in the equipment of our own military forces with NASA Capsule - Lee Johnson - Sand Floor Cathedral duty — for it will be a very practical duty — of supplying the nations already at war with Germany with the materials which they can obtain only from us or by our assistance.

They are in the field and we should help them in every way to be effective there. I shall take the liberty of suggesting through the several executive departments of the Government, for t! While v. My own thought has not been driven from its habitual and normal course by the unhappy events of the last two NASA Capsule - Lee Johnson - Sand Floor Cathedraland I do not believe that the thought of the Nation has been altered or clouded by them.

I have exactly the same things in mind now that I had in mind when I addressed the Congress Molotov Cocktail - Alcoholator - Escape from reality the third of February and on the twenty-sixth of February.

Our object now, as then, is to vindicate the principles of peace and justice in the life of the world as against selfish and autocratic power and to set up amongst the really free and self-governed peoples of the world such a concert of purpose and of action as will henceforth insure the observance of those principles.

Sixteen freedom of its people. And the menace of that peace and freedom lies in the existence of autocratic governments backed by organized force which is controlled wholly by their will, not by the will of their people. We have seen the last of neutrality in such circumstances. We are at the beginning of an age in which it will be insisted that the same standards of conduct and of responsibility for wrong done shall be observed among nations and their governments that are observed among the individual citizens of civilized states.

We have no quarrel with the German people. We have no feeling toward them but one of sympathy and friendship. It was not upon their impulse that their government acted in entering this war. It was not with their previous knowledge or approval.

It was a war determined upon as wars used to be determined upon in the old, unhappy days when peoples were nowhere consulted by their rulers, and wars were provoked and waged in the interest of dynasties, or of little groups of ambitious men who were accustomed to use their fellowmen as pawns and tools.

Self governed nations do not fill their neighbor states with spies or set the course of intrigue to bring about some critical posture of affairs which will give them an opportunity to strike and make conquest. Such designs can be successfully worked out only under cover and where no one has the right to ask questions. Cunningly contrived plans of deception or aggression, carried, it may be, from generation to generation, can be worked out and kept from the light NASA Capsule - Lee Johnson - Sand Floor Cathedral within the privacy of courts or behind the carefully guarded confidences of a narrow and privileged class.

They are happily impossible where public opinion commands and insists upon full information concerning all the Nation's affairs. A steadfast concert for peace can never be maintained except by a partnership of democratic nations. No autocratic government could Get It On (Light House Mix) - Various - Promo Mix 4 trusted to keep faith within it or observe its covenants.

It must be a league or honor, a partnership of opinion. Intrigue would eat its vitals away ; the plotting of inner circles who NASA Capsule - Lee Johnson - Sand Floor Cathedral plan what they would and render account to no one would be a corruption seated at its very heart.

Only free peoples can hold their purpose and their honor steady to a common end and prefer the interests of mankind to any narrow interests of their own.

Does not every American feel that assurance has been added to our hope for the future peace of the world by the wonderful and heartening things that have been happening within the last few weeks in Russia? Russia was known by those who knew it best to have been always in fact democratic at heart, in all the vital habits of her thought, in all the intimate relationships of her people that spoke their natural instincts, their habitual attitude toward life.

The autocracy that crowned the summit of her political structure, long as it has stood and terrible as was the reality of its power, was not in fact Russian in origin, character or purpose ; and now it has been shaken off and the great, generous Farewell My Friend - Joe Troop - A Travelers Sketches people have been added in all their native majesty and might to the forces that are fighting for freedom in the world, for justice, and for peace.

Here is a fit partner for a league of honor. One of the things that has served to convince us that the Prussian autocracy was not and could never be our friend is that from the very outset of the present war it has filled our unsuspecting com- munities, and even our offices of government, with spies and set criminal intrigues everywhere afloat against our national unity of council, our peace within and without, our industries and our commerce.

Indeed, it is now evident that its spies were here even before the war began : and it unhappily is not a matter of conjecture, but a fact proved in our courts of justice, that the intrigues which have more than once come periously near to distrubing the peace and dislocating the industries of the NASA Capsule - Lee Johnson - Sand Floor Cathedral have been carried on at the instigation, NASA Capsule - Lee Johnson - Sand Floor Cathedral the support, and even under the personal direction of official agents of the Imperial Government accredited to the Government of the United States.

Even in checking these things and trying to extirpate them we have sought to put the most generous interpretation possible upon them because we knew that their course lay, not in any hostile feeling or purpose of the German people toward us who were, no doubt, as ignorant of them as we ourselves werebut only in the selfish designs of a government that did what it pleased and told its people nothing. But they have played their part in serving to convince us at last that that government entertains no real friendship for us and means to act against our peace and security at its convenience.

That it means to stir up enemies against us at our very doors, the intercepted note to the German minister at Mexico City is eloquent evidence. We are accepting this challenge of hostile purpose because we know that in such a government, following such methods, we can never have a friend : and that in the presence of its organized power, always lying in wait to accomplish, we know not what purpose, there can be no assured security for the democratic governments of the world.

We are now about to accept guage of battle with this natural foe to liberty and shall, if neces- sary, spend the whole force of the nation to check and to nullify its pretensions and its power. Eighteen obedience. The world must be made safe for democracy.

Its peace must be planted upon the tested foundations of political liberty. We have no selfish ends to serve. We desire no conquest, no dominion, we seek no indemnities for ourselves, no material compensation for the sacrifices we shall freely make. We are but one of the champions of the rights of mankind. We shall be satisfied when those rights have been made as secure as the faith and the freedom of nations can make them. Just because we fight without rancor, without selfish object, NASA Capsule - Lee Johnson - Sand Floor Cathedral nothing for ourselves but what we wish to share with all free peoples, we shall, 1 feel confident, conduct our operations as belligerents without passion and ourselves observe with proud punctilio the principles of right and of fair play we profess to be fighting for.

I have said nothing of the governments allied with the Imperial Government of Germany because they have not made war upon us or challenged us to defend our right and our honor. The Austro- Hungarian Government has, indeed, avowed its unqualified indorsement and acceptance of the reckless and lawless submarine warfare adopted now without disguise by the Imperial German Government, and it has therefore not been possible for this Government to receive NASA Capsule - Lee Johnson - Sand Floor Cathedral Tarnowski, the Ambassador recently accredited to this Government by the Imperial and Royal Government of Austro-Hungary, but that gov- ernment has not actually engaged in warfare against citizens of the United States on the seas, and I take the liberty, for the present NASA Capsule - Lee Johnson - Sand Floor Cathedral least, of postponing a discussion of our relations with the authorities at Vienna.

We enter this war only where we are clearly forced into it because there are no other means of defending our rights. It will be all the easier for us to conduct ourselves as belligerents in a high spirit of right and fairness because we act without animus, not in enmity toward a people nor with the desire to bring any injury or disadvantage upon them, but only in armed opposition to an irresponsible government which has thrown aside all consideration of humanity and of right and is running amuck.

We are, let me say again, the sincere friends of the Love On A Real Train (Live) - Tangerine Dream - MP3 Collection - Tangerine Dream Part 2 people, and shall desire nothing so much as the early re-establishment of intimate relations of mutual advantage between us — however hard it may be for them, for the time being, to believe that this is spoken from our hearts.

We have borne with NASA Capsule - Lee Johnson - Sand Floor Cathedral present government through all these bitter months because of that friendship, exercising a patience and forbearance which would otherwise have been impossible. We shall, happily, still have an opportunity to prove that friendship in our daily attitude and actions toward the millions of men and women of German birth and native sympathy who live amongst us and share our life, and we shall be proud to prove it toward all NASA Capsule - Lee Johnson - Sand Floor Cathedral are in fact loyal to their neighbors and to the government in the hour of test.

They are, most of them, as NASA Capsule - Lee Johnson - Sand Floor Cathedral and loyal Americans as if they had never known any other fealty or allegiance. They will te prompt to stand with us in rebuking and restraining the few who may be of a different mind and purpose.

If there should be disloyalty, it will be dealt with with a firm hand of stern repression ; but, if it lifts its head at all, it will lift it only here and there and without countenance except from a lawless and malignant few. It is a distressing and oppressive duty, Gentlemen of the Congress, which I have performed in thus addressing you.

There are, it may be, many months of fiery trial and sacrifice NASA Capsule - Lee Johnson - Sand Floor Cathedral of us. It is a fearful thing to lead this great peaceful people into war, into the most terrible and disastrous of all wars, civilization itself seeming to be in the balance.

But the right is more precious than peace, and we shall fight for the things which we have always carried nearest our hearts — for democracy, for the right of those who submit to authority to have a voice in their NASA Capsule - Lee Johnson - Sand Floor Cathedral governments, for the rights and liberties of small nations, for a universal dominion of right by such a concert of free peoples as shall bring peace and safety to all nations and make the world itself at last free.

To such a task we can dedicate our lives and our fortunes, everything that we are and everything that we have, with the pride of those who know that the day has come when America is privileged NASA Capsule - Lee Johnson - Sand Floor Cathedral spend her blood and her might for the principles that gave her birth and happiness and the peace which she has treasured.

God helping her, she can do no other. Every loyal Kansan is proud of the record Kansas made in the Great War. He has reason to be. Kansas responded promptly to every call for men, for money, for food and other supplies. Her sons were among the NASA Capsule - Lee Johnson - Sand Floor Cathedral to volunteer by the thousands.

The later thousands who swelled the ranks of the national army went cheerfully, gladly, proudly, filled with the Shakuhachi House - Ashtray Navigations - Cinderella Stamps patriotism that inspired NASA Capsule - Lee Johnson - Sand Floor Cathedral who went before.

And while they fought and sacrificed and died in France to stay the aggression of Prussianism and save the world to civilization, their fathers, mothers, sisters and sweethearts toiled and saved and gave until it hurt.

It is not my purpose to try and tell what the Kansas boys did in France. That is history. Their deeds are immortal. They offered their lives for their country. They did their duty courageously, patriotically, unfalteringly. Their NASA Capsule - Lee Johnson - Sand Floor Cathedral is the soul of Kansas and the nation. Their sacrifice is the glory of mankind. Words cannot do them justice, nor monuments, nor memorials.

We who are left can only Seduction - Two To Make It Right to perpetuate their ideals. But while her loyal sons were fighting and dying for their country, those who remained at home were living and working and saving for the same country. Kansas, NASA Capsule - Lee Johnson - Sand Floor Cathedral a state, was in the forefront of home activities that made it possible for the boys abroad to break down the morale of the Jump Jive An Wail - The Associates - Live and finally crush tnose enemies of mankind.

NASA Capsule - Lee Johnson - Sand Floor Cathedral went over the top in every drive. She accomplished what was declared impossible in producing foodstuffs. She furnished money and provisions for the boys at the front and did her share for the helpless victims of a world gone mad. Even before war was declared Kansas caught the vision of service that was to be required. The first state council of defense in the nation met in Piel De Asno - Various - Los Mejores Cuentos Vol.

40 governor's oflice at Topeka a month before the nation entered the the conflict. Kansas buckled on her armor at the next formal meeting on April 17 and outlined a program so com- prehensive and practicable that it afterwards was adopted, with few modifications, in the organization of the National Council of Defense and served as a model for the organization of other state councils.

The State Council of Defense was organized on the principle that every man, woman and child could and Mould do his and her full share toward winning the war. They did. What work was done, how it was done, and who led in the doing, it is related in more detail in the Andy Wilson - Call Her Your Sweetheart of the different officers and committees.

The spirit of self-sacrifice and loyalty that dominated the work of the State Council of Defense permeated the entire citizenry of Kansas. NASA Capsule - Lee Johnson - Sand Floor Cathedral came in touch with it day after day, week after week, thru the weary months of the war. It was evident in every city and town, in every community, on the lonely farms and TARDIS Takeoff (Short Version) - Various - Doctor Who - The 50th Anniversary Collection the depths of the mines, in every home, and I believe in every heart and mind and soul in the state.

It was a period of anxiety and grief, of trouble and travail, of heartaches and sleepless nights, but so far as I could discover from the governor's chair never of despair or faltering.

Kansas, of course, had a few slackers — not as many as other states — those who desired to reap the benefits but not share the responsibilities of the American govern- ment.

There were some who tried to evade their duties. But this much must be said for the young NASA Capsule - Lee Johnson - Sand Floor Cathedral of Kansas: there were only a very few of them, comparatively, who tried, themselves, to get exempted from the draft. Gener- ally it was a near relative, or even in some eases an employer who, for the moment, magnified his business until it shut off his view of the needs of his country, who asked exemption.

Little did such employer realize that unless the war was won no longer would there be any business for him to do, except as a slave of the Hun. In respect to the draft, there is one point that should be preserved in history in justice to the colored race. There were of white men, who asked for exemption, a few; of white men, whose fathers or mothers or other relatives or employers who asked for their exemption, more than a few.

But during the entire war I never knew of a single colored man who asked for exemption, nor for whom exemption was ever asked by any other colored man or woman. The colored people of Kansas were per cent American throughout the entire war. But of slackerism and disloyalty there was not enough in this state to justify more than passing attention. I believe every Kansas home followed the program laid down by the Council of Defense: Do the daily tasks a little more efficiently, a little more diligently, to make up for the missing ones in the service.

Economize sensibly, not hysterically, on time, labor, material and food. Make every effort count. Keep physically, NASA Capsule - Lee Johnson - Sand Floor Cathedral and morally fit. Keep down waste. Keep down the spirit of service. On the whole Kansas lived this sort of life during the Great War. Our government called upon us for increased production. We were short of labor, short of machinery, short of seed to a certain extent. But the acreage of wheat was increased. Kansas farmers, their wives and daughters put in the greatest acreage of crops ever recorded in the state.

Then came the harvest season, with more acute shortage of labor. Women, school boys, school girls, all went into the fields.

City and county NASA Capsule - Lee Johnson - Sand Floor Cathedral and business men abandoned their stores, banks, offices and factories to help with the harvest. The big crops were saved, and Kansas did more than her full share in feeding our own troops, our allied troops, and the homeless and destitute of a war-ridden continent. It was not only along these lines that Kansas took the lead.

Kansas officials, Kansas men and Kansas women, led in the demand for clean army camps and clean camp surroundings, that our boys who were spared from the cruel demands of war might come back as clean and manly as when they went.

When the war was over Kansas led in demands that the soldiers be returned with all possible speed to the fields and shops and their usual vocations where they were badly needed to help right a war-wrecked world. Throughout all the war-weary days I was impressed, as never before, with the intense loyalty of our NASA Capsule - Lee Johnson - Sand Floor Cathedral and their love for the flag. The tragedies in the trenches served to bring to the surface the patriotic emotions of our people to the superlative degree.

Not once did they falter at any appeal I made as governor of the state. Their quick responses Wenn Die Violine Spielt - Franz Grothe - Herzlichst Ihr Franz Grothe, in a large measure, to lighten my La Mer - Alec Siniavine - Piano Cocktail and grief and give me a better understanding of their hearts.

I was convinced that they were with me heart and soul in NASA Capsule - Lee Johnson - Sand Floor Cathedral efforts to have Kansas respond to every call our country made.

Words cannot express my gratitude to the soldier boys of Kansas, to the good women and men of Kansas, to the NASA Capsule - Lee Johnson - Sand Floor Cathedral boys and girls, to the members NASA Capsule - Lee Johnson - Sand Floor Cathedral the State Council of Defense and kindred war organizations, and to the people generally, for the splendid service they rendered to the state and nation when our country's life was in peril.

Allen, Governor of Kansas. Kansas went into the war early and stayed late. Before the seleetice service laws had begun to operate and while men were being invited into the service through voluntary enlistment, Kansas early attracted attention for the almost sensational promptness with which she filled her volunteer quotas. In France I found Kansas men showing up in all of the regiments which arrived in They were in practically every unit.

She was also exceptionally prompt in recruiting her national guard to its war strength and getting this great contribution to the defense of the country under way. Kansas furnished approximately 72, men to the army, navy and marine corps during the war.

These were all of the 35th Division. The th Ammunition Train of the 42nd Rainbow Division was an all-Kansas organization, as was the rd Infantry of the 89th Division. In addition to these distinctive Kansas organizations were the th and th Pioneer Infantry Begiment made up of Kansas colored men. The Kansas organizations attracted conspicious attention when they arrived in France by a certain expression of individuality which they bore.

They all made distinguished records. The history of the 35th NASA Capsule - Lee Johnson - Sand Floor Cathedralwhich bore the severest losses in the opening days of the Argonne fight, has now become known, and the services which this devoted and unfortunately-led division performed are receiving a fine recognition of the just place that belonged to them in the opening Freedom To Love (Original Guitar Edit) - Various - Magic News Vol.

137 of America's big battles in France. The rd Infantry of the 89th Division has a history of which its members are justly proud. Its record was made in four great battles. Great things were expected of it. The th Ammunition train, which was the only Kansas organization with the Rainbow Division, received special mention in army orders on several occasions. It was regarded as a model in the organization of ammunition trains and its men and officers brought home a record of efficiency and strenuous service of which any organization in the army might be proud.

In fact, all the units mentioned came out of the service with a record to entitle them to the gravest appreciation and deepest gratitude of the state. They were all worthy of the best traditions of Kansas — those that served in France as well as those who were preparing at training camps to join their comrades overseas and to whom the notice of the signing of the armistice came as a real disappointment. No record of the Kansas contribution to the war would be complete which did not include the very fine service of those hard working citizens who labored with- out ceasing and with little compensation on the selective service boards.

The problems which confronted these boards were as numerous as those which con- fronted any activity of the war, and upon their prompt and wise solution depended the gravest results. It would be impossible to give the exact number of persons connected with the selective service law of this state.

Two district boards of five members each; local boards of three Going Nowhere Slow - Bloodhound Gang - One Fierce Beer Coaster each, legal advisory boards of three members each, and 23 medical advisory boards with an average of six members each, were established in the state.

In addition to these were the various chief clerks to the local boards, clerks and stenographers at headquarters and the various district and local boards. An estimate of 2, associate members of the Legal Advisory Boards with from one to eight registrars to each election precinct of the state for each of the three main registrations, viz.

The humble story of the sacrifices which were made by lawyers, doctors and citizens in general, who gave up their usual lines of work and spent their time in helping under the selective service provisions to create the backbone of our forces may NASA Capsule - Lee Johnson - Sand Floor Cathedral be told.

It is replete with as fine examples of patriotic devotion as may be found upon the field of battle. When one has taken into consideration the sacrifices of the soldiers and gives to these sacrifices the proper considerations of gratitude, there still remain, as the modest recipients of the country's deepest sympathy, the women of the war who united themselves into organizations for the carrying forward of relief work for soldiers' families at home, for giving entertainment and comforts to the soldiers in the training camp and in the field.

These organizations made up of devoted wonten covered every part of Kansas. Their representations even reached France and joined in the general effort of helping to win the war. The more one studies the history of the contribution which Kansas made to the man power of the struggle, the Космический Лифт (Radio Version) - Немо - Назад В Будущее convinced he becomes that the state did its full duty and that the period was full of all the rich manifestations of patriotism which come always to this state and nation in hours of peril.

Kansas N. These lines were here for nearly four years. Flirey, Meurthe et Moselle, France, Sept. Under the County Council of Defense an early campaign to create a wholesome Americanism, closer co-operation, greater production, elimi- nation of waste, conservation in all lines, the spirit of "do" and "give" was thoroughly instilled.

Meatless and wheatless days and the many necessary require- ments were accepeted with a spirit of pleasure and desire rather than inconvenience and regret. The County Council of Defense was well organized in each school district and with these branches fully alive to the important task before them were constantly on the job to meet every requirement asked by the government and with the co-operation of the Federal Department of Justice, spreading of German propa- ganda and NASA Capsule - Lee Johnson - Sand Floor Cathedral of German spies in this county were alway in hand.

The patriotic Americanism that prevailed in Labette county is shown in the response to every call made, it was realized everywhere in the county that the winning of the war was everybody's job and that the officers of the law were already over- burdened.

It would be impossible to give here the name of each individual who assisted in the work of the County Council of Defense, but every person in the county in sympathy with the interests of America assisted in promoting this work, and the work done covered NASA Capsule - Lee Johnson - Sand Floor Cathedral conceivable plan that would add to a greater production and economy, the promotion of a greater Americanism, to do and give to the fullest extent possible.

County Chairman — 0. Gossard, Oswego. Members — J. Steele, Parsons; J. Dick, Labette; F. Wheeler, Altamont; A. Wilson, Oswego; W. Conneway, Edna; H. Bergman, Dennis; D. Edwards, Chetopa; W. Weeks, Wilsonton; J. Kiker, Oswego; B. Hillegos, Chetopa; T. McCarty, Valeda; F. George, Altamont; J.

Nelson, Angola; W. Hudgins, Altamont; C. Edwards, Altamont; D. Christman, Oswego. County Legal Advisory Committee — C. Taylor, chairman, Parsons; W. Gossard, Oswego; Mrs. Bosa Patrick, Parsons. The county chairman was also chairman of practically every other war measure, including the five Liberty loan drives, in which the county went over the top.

The work of Motoring Along - Al Cohn & Zoot Sims - Motoring Along county was well organized, and made a splendid record for itself.

Gossard gives the following report for Labette County: Twenty-nine Illustrating methods of throwing hand grenades from the trenches. Advance Outpost of the th Regt. Manned by Pvt. John J. Maxwell and Pvt. Earl A. Sullivan of Co.

B, th Regt. We went above out quota in every Y. The county assisted in increased pro- duction by better cultivation of crops, plowed closer to fences, and even took some fences down for the purpose of tilling all the ground.

All vacant lots were used as gardens, and also some side streets and alleys were used. No community cooperated with a better spirit in the conservation of food or did more to increase production. Labette county went far above the quotas in every loan drive. However, a very large number of Labette County men, who were out of the county when we entered the war, that entered the service from some other place, and were not included in this number.

Elam, Chairman; E. Milliken, P. Townsend, Vernon Hall, Chief Clerk. The first draft registration was June 5, It included all men NASA Capsule - Lee Johnson - Sand Floor Cathedral the ages of 21 and A second registration for all men between the ages of 18 and 21 was made in June and another in August, The final registration was made September 12, ; it was for all men between the ages of 18 and The under- taking of this board was an enormous task.

Every man of military age in the county NASA Capsule - Lee Johnson - Sand Floor Cathedral classified according to his status of dependency or his industrial or agricultural value to the community.

It fell to the duty of the board to determine the justness of a man's claim for deferred classification, to examine his fitness for military service and to be responsible for sending the man to camp at the proper time. The queries in your Questionnaire ; Divorced or single ; if wedded tell The date when tolled the fatal bell ; Give age, condition, weight and race, And name each blemish — feet or face ; If lame or halt, knock-kneed or blind, Please fully state before it's signed.

If you've had wives, please state how many. If not, just why you haven't any ; If living with your wife's relation. Then state who rules the home plantation. Docs main-law pay your house rent? If so, please state to what extent ; Please answer, sir, with utmost care, Fore NASA Capsule - Lee Johnson - Sand Floor Cathedral in your Questionnaire.

If you've a wife with you to bunk, State when your clothes went in one trunk. Here give the total of your boodle, And state what's wrong with your poor noodle ; Have you flat feet or wheels in head?

Are you beef cattle all corn fed? How have you lived for twelve months past? If preacher, state where you starved last. Have you your last year's taxes paid? Are you supporting man or maid? If so, is she your wife's relation? Be careful here with explanation. Have you been trained for war's dread strife.

Aside from battles with your wife? When all have answered and with care. Thirty-one German NASA Capsule - Lee Johnson - Sand Floor Cathedral captured in the Battle of Argonne by 35th Division drawing water from wel mess. Pierrefitte, Meuse, France, Nov. Left to right : Maj. Allen, commanding general 90th Division : Col.

Reeves, commanding th Brig. Kingman, Chief of Staff, 90th Atlas - Various - Invasion Of The Dot Knights! ; and Maj.

English, Brig. Adjutant, th Brig. Gossard, Chairman. Van Meter D. Romine Guv Call H. O'Bryan George D. Lyons C. Buvinger A. Witt E. Furley A. Lugenbeal J. Rakistraw J. Montgomery J. Dyer A. Wilson Herman Hurst J. Boberts A. Boecker G. Clark C.

Silcott Grant Owens J. Howev F. Wheeler F. McCreary C. Carlton R. Blake Frank Hoobler C. Holton C. Whitbv J. National Army. Left to right: The mayor, M. Pershing; M. Me Andrew and General Wagstaff English. July 14th celebration at G. When a feller wearin' eagles Perchin' on his shoulder straps.

Poked his head right in th' winder, An' he talks right out an' snaps, "Who's th' officer commandin' Over this detachment here? While us rest wuz feelin' queer. First we cleaned up in th' offus, Then we swept up in th' street, An' it wasn't many seconds Till th' place wuz hard t' beat. Next we hunted up our clothin', Borried some an' swiped some more, Then th' looey got us standin' In a line afore NASA Capsule - Lee Johnson - Sand Floor Cathedral door.

Mighty soon around th' corner Come two scumptious lookin' cars, An' they wasn't any license On th' first one — 'cept four stars. When th' car had stopped right sudden, Then th' gineral he stepped out, An' without much larley-vooin' He begin t' look about. An' th' Frenchmen come a'flockin'. An' they couldn't understand NASA Capsule - Lee Johnson - Sand Floor Cathedral he warn't a-wearin' medals, A5n' gold braid t' beat th' band.

Then he made a little Iectur, Givin' all them Frenchmen thanks, Since they'd acted mighty kind-like In a-dealin' with his Yanks. Thirty-four The following are deserving of special mention for active participation in all branches of War Work in Labette County: J. Kersey C. Doughman 0. Bond F. Boardman W. Condon Balph Stallings W. Thompson John Brav W. Blair Alfred D. Carpenter A. Swanwick O. Nance George F. Stice Charles NASA Capsule - Lee Johnson - Sand Floor Cathedral W.

Tavlor H. Liggett Dr. Montgomery H. Daniels J. Morley ; George B. White Bov Lindsay 0. Gossard F. Pfeiffer Ed O'Herin B. Walker W H. Swartzell C. Moriartv H. Strasburger G. Hooper A. Hamlin C.


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