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You can listen to them when you're upset. In fact, I recommend it. They might not blow your mind or make you feel like you're listening to a new hip-hop paradigm, but they'll make you laugh a little, think a little, and nod your head a lot.

Surprisingly, at least for such a familiar topic, none of the group's weed smoking anthems are cringe worthy. Some display a humorous but poignant self-awareness "I Gotta Problem"and some are yep, you guessed it kind of dope. While their love for marijuana occupies a prominent portion of their aptly titled album, Pipe Dreamsthere's another side to this crew. I don't know if the weed inspires their deeper thoughts or not, but they reflect on dating, love, and relationships as well. They aren't afraid to get political either, Illuminati-style, and you've got to give it up for their heartfelt tribute to their fathers.

Anna Wiener's Silicon Valley memoir, Uncanny Valleyreveals a piratical industry choking on its own hubris I Say Yes To Drugs - Potluck - Pipe Dreams blind to the cost of its destruction. One of Britain's most underrated singer-songwriters is going from strength to strength in his 70s. As ever, Bill Fay focuses on the search for meaning and substance in everyday life.

New voices bring fresh new perspectives to all-woman I Say Yes To Drugs - Potluck - Pipe Dreams supergroup L'Amazones d'Afrique on their bold sophomore release Amazones Power. Prolific literary critic Terry Eagleton tries to explain how but doesn't tell why, we shouldn't read about vacuum cleaners in How to Read Literature. It seems clear that that Ade would have expected his audience to have prior knowledge of it.

He goes to no effort to explain it in the play and the meaning wouldn't have been clear otherwise. So, I Say Yes To Drugs - Potluck - Pipe Dreams reasonable to assume the expression 'pipe dream', with the meaning we currently give it, would have been Far Away - CocoRosie - Tales Of A Grasswidow common use in the USA in the late 19th century.

In her novel Pam she includes the line:. Look at the sea, and tell me if, in your wildest pipe-dream, you ever saw anything lovelier. How do we overcome the addiction to more that has crashed the world's financial markets and sets brother against brother in every corner of I Say Yes To Drugs - Potluck - Pipe Dreams globe? Do we need to abandon goals altogether? Or I Say Yes To Drugs - Potluck - Pipe Dreams still, should we continue to set them higher and higher but somehow not attach to them, like Buddhists walking on a tight-rope tied between the worlds of the formless and the form?

Here are three things I've discovered so far that really seem to help us curb our addiction without turning our backs on the world:. Our ability to separate out our projects from our pipe dreams and to enjoy both in equal measure.

On a purely practical level, I have come to see that there are only two kinds of goals worth thinking about:. While "pipe dreams" have a bad reputation, perhaps stemming back to the origin of the phrase in the opium dens of the late 19th century, I actually find them quite Far Away - CocoRosie - Tales Of A Grasswidow -- a sort of "preview of attractions" which may or may not be coming soon into my life.

Surprisingly often, yesterday's pipe dreams become today's projects, almost as though they needed extra time to take shape in the forge of my imagination before I was ready to act on them. If I know that for me, losing weight or saving money or changing my job is just a pipe dream, I can enjoy the thought of it without attempting to shame myself into action. On the other hand, if I keep calling something a goal or a project and doing nothing to make it happen, I get the worst of both worlds -- all the bad feelings which come with thoughts of apparent failure with none of the rewards that come from engaging fully with the task at hand.

A friend of mine recently described living in I Say Yes To Drugs - Potluck - Pipe Dreams world of thought as being like living with a sleight of hand magician -- even though we know it's just a trick, we fall for it again and again and again. I know for myself that although Baby Boomerang - Marc Bolan / T.

Rex - Marc Bolan / T. Rex have been teaching and writing about the inside-out nature of reality for many years now, I continue to be fooled on a daily basis by the illusory nature of my own thoughts. I think I'm feeling upset because of something that is going on in my life and set about changing the world to make myself feel better. Yet sooner or later, I once again discover that it was my own unrecognized thinking that was upsetting me.

In fact, I've come to see that one of the most reliable ways to know I've fallen back into the hypnotic trance of a world that says it can make us happy if and when we've danced to it's tune is that I have a "very good reason" for my unrest. The more it looks like the source of my well-being or my misery is outside me, the deeper the trance I am in. Fortunately, it doesn't matter I Say Yes To Drugs - Potluck - Pipe Dreams deeply under you go -- waking up is still never more than one thought away, and that new thought really a momentarily absence of thought, like a "glitch in the Matrix" from the movies can happen in any moment.

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Sunday, February 8, Potluck - Pipe Dreams. Potluck - Pipe Dreams 1. Welcome 2 The Movement 2. Stoner Bitch [ft. Kottonmouth Kings] 3. No Disrespect [ft. Ishi Dube] 4. I Can Do Anything 5.


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