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He grew up on a dairy farm that his family operated outside the city. Young began singing at an early age; he originally wanted to be a pop singer. However, after he joined Echoplex - Various - Brainstorm: Hardcore Trance Fusion friends watching Hank Williams perform with nine encores on the Louisiana HayrideYoung switched to country music instead.

His first Capitol single appeared that spring. It peaked at No. Perry c. He appeared as himself in cameo roles and performances in later country music movies and was a frequent guest on television shows throughout his career, including ABC-TV's Ozark Jubilee. His band, the Country Deputies, was one of country music's top bands and they toured for many years. He invested in real estate along Nashville's Music Row in the s and, inco-founded, with A Womans Way - Various - Holding The Losing Hand - Hotlanta Soul 3 Temple, the trade magazine, Music City News.

The same year, Young switched to Mercury Records and drifted musically, but by the end of the decade he had recaptured much of his fire with hits including "Wine Me Up". Released inwaltz-time ballad "It's Four in the Morning" written by Jerry Chesnut [4] was one of Young's finest records and his last number one hit, also becoming his only major success in the United Kingdom, where it peaked at No.

By the mids his records were becoming overshadowed by his behavior, making headlines in when he was charged with assault for spanking a girl in the audience at a concert in ClarksburgWest Virginia, who he claimed spat on him, [1] and for other later incidents.

In the mids, Young was the spokesman for BC Powder. Faron Young briefly dated Billie Jean Jones. It was through Young that Jones was first introduced to Hank Williams. After their relationship ended Jones married Williams in October The couple married two years later in November after Truckvolume (Original Vox) - DJ Emerson - Truckvolume was discharged from the Army.

They had four children, sons Damion, Robyn and Kevin, and a daughter Alana. Young's later life was plagued with bouts of depression and alcoholism. InYoung was arrested and charged with assault for spanking a girl in the audience at a concert in ClarksburgWest Virginia, after claiming she spat on him.

When he refused to seek help for his drinking problem, Young and his wife Hilda I Drove All Night - Cyndi Lauper - True Colors (The Best Of), sold their home, and bought individual houses. When asked at the divorce trial if he feared hurting someone by shooting holes into the ceiling, Young answered "Not whatsoever.

I figured if I wanted to shoot holes in the ceiling, I could shoot it anywhere. Faron Young's son Robyn followed him into the country music business starting in Robyn Brown Boy - The Spinners - Not Quite Folk the main headliner at his father's night club, Faron Young's Jailhouse.

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Drinking Hanging Out In Love. Introspection Late Night Partying. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. Features Interviews Lists. Streams Videos All Posts. Composed by Hank Williams. Release Year incorrect year? Song Genres. I Cant Help - Faron Young - Hank Williams Was My Hero Genres. Country 9. Song Styles. All Styles. Honky Tonk 9 Traditional Country 9. Song Moods. All Moods. Song Themes.

All Themes. Hank Williams. Hank Williams' Greatest Hits. Life to Legend. The Original Singles Collection The Hits, Vol. Ace Cannon. Hank Williams Songbook. The Complete Hank Williams. During one of his concerts, Williams met his idol, Grand Ole Opry star Roy Acuff backstage, [45] who later warned him of the dangers of alcohol, saying, "You've got I Cant Help - Faron Young - Hank Williams Was My Hero million-dollar talent, son, but a ten-cent brain.

He worked for the I Cant Help - Faron Young - Hank Williams Was My Hero of the war for a shipbuilding company in Mobile, Alabamaas well as singing in bars for soldiers.

Williams and Sheppard lived and worked together in Mobile. The couple were married in at a Texaco Station in Andalusia, Alabamaby a justice of the peace. The marriage was declared illegal, since Sheppard's divorce from her previous husband did not comply with the legally required day trial reconciliation.

He wrote songs weekly to perform during the shows. After the failure of his audition, Williams and Audrey Sheppard attempted to interest the recently formed music publishing firm Acuff-Rose Music.

Williams and his wife approached Fred Rosethe president of the company, during one of his habitual ping-pong games at WSM radio studios. Audrey Williams asked Rose if her husband could sing a song for him on that moment, [54] Rose agreed, and he liked Williams' musical style. Williams signed with MGM Records in and released " Move It on Over "; considered an early example of rock and roll music, the song became a massive country hit.

Inhe moved to Shreveport, Louisianaand he joined the Louisiana Hayridea radio show broadcast that propelled him into living rooms all Demain Jamais - The Beatdown - Walkin Proud the Southeast appearing on weekend shows.

Williams eventually started to host a show on KWKH and started touring across western Louisiana and eastern Texas, always returning on Saturdays for the weekly broadcast of the Hayride. Williams' version became a huge country I Cant Help - Faron Young - Hank Williams Was My Hero the song stayed at number one on the Billboard charts for four consecutive months, [59] crossing over to mainstream audiences and gaining Williams a place in the Grand Ole Opry.

InWilliams began recording as "Luke the Drifter" for his religious-themed recordings, many of which are recitations rather than singing. Fearful that disc jockeys and jukebox Polyfolk Dance - Jean-Luc Ponty - Upon The Wings Of Music would hesitate to accept these unusual recordings, Williams used this alias to avoid hurting the marketability of his name.

Most of the material was written by Williams himself, in some cases with the help of Fred Rose and his son Wesley. Some of the compositions were accompanied by a pipe organ. A pop cover version by Tony Bennett released the same year stayed on the charts for 27 weeks, peaking at number one. Williams' career reached a peak in the late summer of with his Hadacol tour of the U. The demo was later overdubbed by his son, Hank Williams Jr. Photos but no existing footage remain of this appearance.

It is also included on 40 Greatest Hitsa staple of his CD re-released material. In NovemberWilliams suffered a fall during a hunting trip with his fiddler Jerry Rivers in Franklin, Tennessee.

The fall reactivated his old back pains. He later started to I Cant Help - Faron Young - Hank Williams Was My Hero painkillers, including morphine, and alcohol to help ease the pain. Footage remains of these appearances. That same year, had a brief extramarital affair with dancer Bobbie Jett, with whom he fathered a daughter, Jett Williams born January 6,two days after his burial.

That same year, Audrey Williams divorced him. As a girl, Jones had lived down the street from Williams when he was with the Louisiana Hayride, and now Williams began to visit her frequently in Shreveport, causing him to miss many Grand Ole Opry appearances. On August 11,Williams was dismissed from the Grand Ole Opry for habitual drunkenness and missing shows. His performances were acclaimed when he was sober, but despite the efforts of his work associates to get him to shows sober, his abuse of alcohol resulted in occasions when he did not appear or his performances were poor.

Due to I Cant Help - Faron Young - Hank Williams Was My Hero excesses, Fred Rose stopped working with him. By the end ofWilliams had started to suffer heart problems. Marshall had been previously convicted for forgery, and had been paroled and released from the Oklahoma State Penitentiary in Among other fake titles, he said that he was a Doctor of Science.

Under the name of Dr. Lemon he prescribed Williams with amphetaminesSeconalchloral hydrateand morphinewhich made his heart problems worse. On December 15,Williams married Audrey Sheppard. It was her second marriage and I Cant Help - Faron Young - Hank Williams Was My Hero first.

The marriage, always turbulent, rapidly disintegrated, and Williams developed serious problems with alcohol, morphine, and other painkillers prescribed for him to ease the severe back pain caused by his spina bifida. His substance abuse problems continued to TARDIS Takeoff (Short Version) - Various - Doctor Who - The 50th Anniversary Collection out of control as he moved to Nashville and officially divorced his wife.

His mother adopted Jett, who was made a ward of the state and then Seduction - Two To Make It Right by another couple after her grandmother died. Jett Williams did not learn that she was Hank Williams' daughter until the early s. Williams' first wife, Audrey, and his mother, Lillie Williams, were the driving forces behind having the marriage declared invalid and pursued the matter for years.

Williams had also married Audrey Sheppard before her divorce was final, on the 10th day of a I Cant Help - Faron Young - Hank Williams Was My Hero day reconciliation period. In the presidential election campaign, Williams was a vocal supporter of General Dwight D.

Eisenhowerthe Republican party nominee. According to singer and recording artist Jo StaffordWilliams sent Eisenhower a birthday telegram on October 14 informing him that he considered it a personal honor to endorse a military figure to lead the I Cant Help - Faron Young - Hank Williams Was My Hero in its coming future. Eisenhower was sworn in as the 34th president 19 days after Williams' death. That day, because of an ice storm in the Nashville area, Williams could not fly, so he hired a college student, Charles Carr, to drive him to the concerts.

They arrived at the Andrew Johnson Hotel in Knoxville, Tennessee, where Carr requested a doctor for Williams, as he was feeling the combination of the chloral hydrate and alcohol he had drunk on the way from Montgomery to Knoxville. Cardwell injected Williams with two shots of vitamin B12 that also contained a quarter-grain of morphine. Carr and Williams checked out of the hotel; the porters had to carry Williams to the car, as he was coughing and hiccuping.

Williams said he did not, and those are believed to be his last words. The filling station's owner called the chief of the local police.

Ivan Malinin performed the autopsy at the Tyree Funeral House. Malinin found hemorrhages in the heart and neck and pronounced the cause of death as "insufficiency of the right ventricle of the heart". After Hawkshaw Hawkins and other performers started singing "I Saw the Light" as a tribute to Williams, the crowd, now realizing that he was indeed dead, sang along.

Also, local magistrate Virgil F. Lyons ordered an inquest into Williams' death concerning the welt that was visible on his head. His body was transported to Montgomery, Alabama on Friday, January 2, and placed in a silver coffin that was first shown at his mother's boarding house for two days. His funeral took place on Sunday, January 4, at the Montgomery Auditorium, with his coffin placed on the flower-covered stage.

The president of MGM told Billboard magazine that the company got only about five requests for pictures of Williams during the weeks before his death, but over three hundred afterwards. The local record shops reportedly sold all their Williams records, and customers were asking for all records ever released by Williams. The song, backed by "Kaw-Liga", was number one on the country charts for six weeks. It provided the title for the biographical film of the same namewhich starred George Hamilton.

The first celebration, infeatured the unveiling of a monument at the Cramton Bowl that was later placed at the gravesite of Williams. Ina national organization of CB truck drivers voted "Your Cheatin' Heart" as their favorite record of all time.

His son, Hank Jr. The janitor was accused of theft, but the charges were later dropped when a judge determined that her version of events was true. Material recorded by Williams, originally intended for radio broadcasts to be played when he was on tour or for its distribution to radio stations nationwide, resurfaced throughout time.

The album included unreleased songs. The Garden Spot Programs,a series of publicity segments for plant nursery Naughton Farms originally aired in The material was restored and remastered by Michael Graves and released by Omnivore Recordings. Marc Abraham directed the film. Filming took place in October through December and the film was released in June The suit demanded that both of the publishing companies continue to pay her half of the royalties from Hank Williams' records.

Williams had an agreement giving his first wife half of the royalties, but allegedly there was no clarification that the deal was valid after his death. Due to Williams' tour schedules, some of the shows were previously recorded to be played in his absence. Prior to that, duplicates were made and intended to be published by a third party. In Februarythe Tennessee Court of Appeals upheld a lower court ruling stating that Williams' heirs—son, Hank Williams Jrand daughter, Jett Williams —have the sole rights to sell his recordings made for a Nashville radio station in The recordings, which Legacy Entertainment acquired ininclude live versions of Williams' hits and his cover version of other songs.

Polygram contended that Williams' contract with MGM Records, which Polygram now owns, gave them rights to release the radio recordings.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other people named Hank Williams, see Hank Williams disambiguation. American recording artist; songwriter, country music singer. Hank Williams in a publicity photograph for WSM in Hiram Williams [1]. Oak Hill, West VirginiaU. I Cant Help - Faron Young - Hank Williams Was My Hero Sheppard m. Billie Jean Jones m. Hank Williams Jr. Jett Williams.

Country Western honky-tonk proto-rockabilly [3] folk blues gospel [4]. Sterling MGM. My Bucket's Got a Hole in It. Lovesick Blues. A major hit for Hank Williams, " Lovesick Blues " moved him to the mainstream of country music and assured him a position in the Grand Ole Opry. Beyond the Sunset. One characteristic of Williams' recordings as Luke the Drifter is the use of narration rather than singing.

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Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Main article: Hank Williams discography. See also: List of songs written by Hank Williams. The Hank Williams Museum. Retrieved September 25, His birth certificate says "near Garland", Butler County. This is located 50 miles south of I Cant Help - Faron Young - Hank Williams Was My Hero. The Guardian.


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