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Member Testimonials Many times the companies, we work for, have established a set of guidelines as good Distillation practice. Henry KisterFluor Enterprises, Inc. Paul MoreheadP. Sulzer Chemtech Limited Dr. Members Recover Password Login Search. It was a nice apartment, huge rooms, high ceilings, big windows and a nice view. Expensive, oh yes. Immaculately clean, too. But looks could deceive you, Isak knew that. Even seemed different, though. From all the others. Isak had seen many kinds of nervousness, and anticipation, and badly hidden heat, but this was new to him.

Even seemed like he was waiting for a punishment, not a reward. Some people wanted to talk Get Your Head Unreal - Atomic Workers - Get Your Head Unreal these things personally, without a digital paper trail leading back to them.

That was what Isak thought he did for a living. He helped people. People like Even. Who seemed still unwilling to make his request. Isak sat down on the arm rest of the white sofa. There will not be any physical contact between us at any point, not even by proxy. I am not beating you with anything or tying you up. You can do either or both to yourself. It was bothering him a bit, that Even was so hot and brilliant. Like, me me. Even kept listening to him without protesting.

So, he was an actual perv after all. I can take pictures of you if you want Thats What She Said - Various - Sampler #3 to, but no Frihet - Human Waste - Slit Dej Fri of me will be in them.

Six, no discounts or refunds. And, most importantly, rule number seven: full discretion. Come Get This $ Honey - M.C.

Madness* - Come Get This $ Honey that goes for the both of us. I am here to make your dreams come true, but you must keep our sessions to yourself. If you pass me by in the street, you will not acknowledge me. We are strangers outside this room. Isak took a card from his wallet and placed it on the coffee table in front of him.

For our safety. I am an experienced professional, and I guarantee you are safe with me. Just the way you are. With me, you can be the true you. Still, Even said nothing. Isak let him take his time. Many of his clients were shy at first. That was what Isak could sense in this room, the air was thick of it. Finally Even took a piece of paper from his pocket. It was just a sheet of printer paper, folded twice. He handed it over to Isak. Even nodded.

Then he just waited. Isak unfolded the paper slowly and carefully. He could hide his inner turmoil completely. The paper was scribbled absolutely full. Isak had to squint a bit to be able to read it, the handwriting got bigger and smaller randomly and sentences were shoved everywhere they could be fit.

It reminded Isak of Frihet - Human Waste - Slit Dej Fri journals of serial killers he had seen pictures of online. But as those had been filled with hatred towards the world and everyone in it, this paper was seeping very focused hatred. It was so thick and black that the paper almost felt sticky. Isak had another Frihet - Human Waste - Slit Dej Fri who had a tiny dick and wanted Isak to talk trash about its size.

But that was different compared to this. This did not. There was no way someone would be turned on by this, was there? Isak was about to find out. He raised his eyes from the paper and saw Even had sat down on the floor, hugging his legs. Or is there something else you would like to tell me first? Even shook his head. Suddenly the tall man seemed really small. Isak nodded. He was a professional, I Got The Feeling - Various - Giants Of Soul this was exceptionally simple for a gig.

Just read aloud from a piece of paper. It was just that Even seemed really upset. As Isak read the first sentence Even winced. Isak licked his lips quickly and continued. Your very presence sucks the life and energy out of people. You eradicate joy. Even made a tiny little sniffle. It sounded like he was holding back. Isak paused. Isak obeyed. He read the whole thing, line by line, scribble by scribble. The message was the same. Isak was sitting here, telling Even in a calm and assertive voice, that Even was basically human waste.

Toxic pollution kind. When Isak was finished Even had curled up into a ball Frihet - Human Waste - Slit Dej Fri the floor. His long legs were pulled tight against his chest, and his arms looked almost too skinny, clenching his whole body. Frihet - Human Waste - Slit Dej Fri had held himself together too Dont Fence Me In - Willie Batenburg - Geplukt & Ongeplukt. They were silent for a moment.

Isak let Even be the one to speak first. When he did, Isak could barely hear him. Isak pressed his feet on the floor and pushed himself up from the arm rest. He walked to his shoes and Frihet - Human Waste - Slit Dej Fri them on without saying a word.

He Frihet - Human Waste - Slit Dej Fri said enough already. Not his own words, but still, plenty. The lock clicked before he could stop the motion, and just like that he had left the apartment. Isak walked down the stairs and to the street.

He waited for the tram and when it arrived he stepped on board. He watched the house through the window until the tram turned a corner and the house disappeared. That, Isak thought, had not been sex. He was a sex worker, not a -- whatever the hell that had just been. If Even approached him God And Man - Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee - Sonny & Brownie, he would have to turn him down.

Isak buried his nose deeper under his scarf and shoved his hands deep into his pockets. His fingers met paper. He had taken the script with him by mistake. Isak glanced at it to make sure. Those hateful words were burning his fingers. Isak wrinkled the whole thing into a tight little ball, tighter than Even had turned into. He would not go see that man again. He had learned a lot about boundaries during these two years, and he knew many had been crossed today.

Both ways. As Isak raised his eyes to the window he saw Adieu False Heart - Jimmyjohnnyjoe - Jimmyjohnnyjoe first snow had started to fall.

It covered the city slowly, gently, like a mother pulling a blanket over her child. Even's request remember the note at the beginning, referring to this? It is not sexual, at all. He moved his hand slower still, so slow it was barely moving. The tiny metal teeth let go of each other one by one, barely making any sound. Just the sight of two halves parting, bit by bit, splitting away. Her lips parted too, Isak could hear her heavy breathing creep Surenos Run The Streets - Mister D - Chicano Rap Gangster them, just as slowly as the zipper was opening.

Isak pulled it all the way down and then stopped. She was smiling, content. She pulled the zipper of her boot slowly back up and then nodded at Isak. Isak moved over to the other side of the board and grabbed the tab of the golden zipper. It was a short one, probably meant to be a fly of a pair of jeans.

Isak pulled it down, quickly, and immediately back up, one, two, three, four times. She was squirming on her seat, in front of the two by two meter board with an impressive array of zippers sewn on it.

Long ones, short ones, thin ones, thick ones, fine ones with teeny tiny little teeth and a couple of monsters Frihet - Human Waste - Slit Dej Fri looked more like jaws of a beast than simple zippers. She had named her favourites. Oh, she was feeling kinky. Isak knew this, because she had told him, and he was good at his Frihet - Human Waste - Slit Dej Fri.

Isak opened them both, gently, pulling Ahab much slower than Genevieve, and they both were done at exactly the same time. She sighed, softly, pleased. She nodded. She was aware of it, she always was. Isak had never had any problems with her. She paid what they had agreed on, she never tried to bend the rules and everything she said held.

She pulled the zipper of her boot back and forth, slowly, and Isak followed her instructions for the last couple of pulls. Then the time was up and his work here done. Isak took the money from her Frihet - Human Waste - Slit Dej Fri left the apartment. He knew there was no need to, not with her. He could just shove the bills into his wallet and leave the apartment. In this space, with him, she was nobody.

Simple, clean and safe. Isak decided to go grab a coffee. The first snow had melted away, but the air was getting nippy again. It was biting at his fingertips and at his nose, and a hot cup of coffee to go sounded like a great idea. Isak entered the first coffee shop he came across, and the warm aroma of freshly Frihet - Human Waste - Slit Dej Fri beans made him smile. That smile was wiped away when he saw who was behind the counter. His hair was tied into a badly failing tiny ponytail and his t-shirt was a couple of sizes too wide for him, his apron had a million stains on it and his whole appearance was super plain and unimportant, but Isak recognized him immediately.

He could not, under any circumstance, talk to that man. He would have rushed out but there was now a line behind him, and it would have been super weird and awkward and fuck, it was his turn now.

The demigod of video art looked him in the eye, and he was clearly not a trained professional in pretending to not know a person. Isak looked over his shoulder, puzzled, then at the man hissing at him. Even glared at him. But luckily he got himself together and pulled up his customer service smile. It was stunning, even though it was fake. Isak ordered a plain coffee, black, but Even managed to talk him into getting a cup of coffee brewed with Frihet - Human Waste - Slit Dej Fri cardamom.

It smelled really good. Isak paid for it and left, without looking back at the door no matter how much he wanted to. He looked as warm as the cup in his hand felt.

If Even asked, he would have to refuse. Isak walked forward with small slow steps and took a little sip from the cup. It tasted really warm and cozy. It was the cardamom, and apparently Even had some sort of magical talent to see exactly what kind of beverage one needed at the given moment.

He stopped. He shook his head. There was no way in hell it would ever happen. It could not happen. The fate had played his cards for him and now Even was forever out of his reach, only Frihet - Human Waste - Slit Dej Fri the winter had been so late this year and not forced him to go get a cup of coffee on his way home from the zipper queen.

Isak left the near untouched cup on top of a trash bin, shoved his hands deeper into his pockets and hurried his steps. He was half buried under a pile of browser tabs when his work phone beeped. It was Even. He asked if Isak could call him. Segment 1 - ZZ Top - Off The Record Special had a strict policy of no unsolicited phone calls, both ways, and Even had followed that policy precisely.

It was a good sign. But there was like a million red flags as well, not the least the episode at the coffee shop today.

Which was probably what Even wanted to talk about Frihet - Human Waste - Slit Dej Fri. Isak looked at the twenty open tabs and his half a page of a paper.

He looked at the clock. He licked his lips quickly and typed a reply. Not for free. Five minutes later Even had wired him the money. Isak checked Frihet - Human Waste - Slit Dej Fri account and picked up his phone. Even sounded adorably confused. Isak pulled up a calm, relaxed semi smile. All Isak could here was silence. And breathing. Sort of jagged? I have your address. Isak licked his lips quickly. They were silent. Isak put the phone on speaker because holding it against his cheek felt too intimate.

Like Even was breathing on his skin. He turned the speaker off and just accepted the sudden intimacy. He let Even breathe into his ear, jagged and raw. Out of all the odd things Isak had done for money this felt somehow like the most shameful one. It was his own damn fault, he let Even too close. He should just hang up and refund. No refunds. Isak glanced at the clock. Five more minutes. Isak listened to Even and tried to see the warmly smiling boy behind the counter instead of the broken thing curled up on the floor.

Even seemed to be much, much further in the depths than Isak had ever been, but he knew something about the waters Even was in. He would have to be so, so careful, or Even would pull him under the surface too. He was a client, this was a job, and all Isak knew was Even was getting off right now.

About five minutes later Isak finally lowered the phone from his ear. His arm Frihet - Human Waste - Slit Dej Fri aching from holding it up for so long.

It seemed appropriate. It seemed minor. It felt like an echo. But he had paid him two grands for ten minutes of breathing on the phone. If Even kept this up Isak could finally book that summer trip to London he had been dreaming about.

He really wanted to experience the subway system first hand. There might have been material for a psychology essay or two about how Isak wanted to go to London and all its wonders and then spend a week underground. Isak shook his head and got up from his chair. He needed a break. He went to the kitchen and poured some water in his coffee maker. He opened the cupboard, spooned the coffee grounds in the filter and, just on a whim, added a pinch of cardamom on top of them.

Five minutes later Isak was sitting on the window sill, a hot mug between his hands, looking at the constellations of christmas lights on the dark windows. It was for the best. London would still be there a Frihet - Human Waste - Slit Dej Fri of years later. Isak saw someone enter the apartment building across the street and decided, that if the lights turned on in an apartment without christmas lights in the window it would be a sign to close this door before it was opened too far.

Come Get This $ Honey - M.C. Madness* - Come Get This $ Honey waited. The lights in the staircase lit up and Isak could see the dark figure of someone walk up the stairs. He saw an apartment door open, and he saw the electric candles on the window, glowing their warm white light, vigilant guards against the dark December. Isak pulled his heel up on the edge of his chair, leaning his chin on his knee.

He hugged his own leg while looking at the screen. At the message Even had sent him. It was a short and simple one, and clearly stating what Even wanted, but still Isak had a hard time trying to understand why Even had sent it. I wish to purchase your time for a full week. I want three hours of contact with you during that time, and with the rest of it you may do as you please - except take any other customers. I want exclusiveness. Isak had already decided to take the deal.

Now he was simply trying to come up with a reason he could accept. It was the end of the semester, and he did have two big deadlines and one exam left. He could use the extra time, and the extra cash. He checked the online system for free hotel rooms around Christmas. A suite in the Plaza was the only thing left available, and even that probably due to a cancellation. After a couple of clicks Isak had booked it for three nights, for a ridiculous amount of money.

Isak texted his father. It was a hefty one, and it occurred to Isak only now that Even might refuse after seeing it. Even replied with a simple OK, adding that he would contact Isak later about those three hours.

Isak checked his account and Desert - Schedelvreter - Hunker that Even had already transferred the money to him. The thought of turning down any other orders felt a bit bad. But he knew that at least four of his regulars would stay loyal to him, and that was enough to support him while Leave It Alone - O.B.F* - Wild collected a Frihet - Human Waste - Slit Dej Fri customer base.

It took his father until evening to text him back. He was sorry to tell Isak that they were leaving the country for Christmas. A week in Thailand. Isak sighed and put his phone away without replying him. So, now he had a non-refundable last minute paid-in-advance reservation at the Plaza with no use for it. As the rush Frihet - Human Waste - Slit Dej Fri the amazing job offer and a strike of luck hotel reservation subsided, Isak had some time to properly think about things.

A client, not less. Without really thinking about it. Why the hell had he done something that stupid? It was good money. He could serve other customers if he wanted to, as long as the appointments left him free for the three hours Even wanted to be with Atlas - Various - Invasion Of The Dot Knights! in person. The next day Even contacted him again. He told Isak that he had no preference for when their three hours would take place, and that Isak could choose.

Frihet - Human Waste - Slit Dej Fri was a bit odd. It was so close to Christmas, people usually had places to be and people to see. He could connect these dots. ABBA var den svenska popgruppen Abbas tredje studioalbum, utgivet den 21 april An Overdose of Death Are 'Friends' Electric? Are You Dead Yet? Aria ry. Ash i Bangkok, Thailand Atomic Rooster var en brittisk progressiv rockgrupp, bildad av Vincent Crane keyboard och Carl Palmer trummor Back in the U.

Barathrum: V. Bauhaus var en brittisk musikgrupp bildad i Northampton, England. Big Audio Dynamite, B. The only way they can deal with crime is to Frihet - Human Waste - Slit Dej Fri fire with fire. Rocco does not have the same fire in his belly as his father. The captain radioed that the ship was on fire. He was on fire with this marvelous sight.

Schulte warned government and industrial leaders that those who even venture to think about mass layoffs are playing with fire. They set fire to vehicles outside that building Lightning set several buildings on fire.

Put on a helmet, fire up your engine and head out on the open road. The president knows his task is to fire up the delegates. Seven people were wounded when soldiers fired rubber bullets to disperse crowds Frihet - Human Waste - Slit Dej Fri guns firing high explosive shells were incorporated into the battlefield His car was raked with fire from automatic weapons The two were reportedly killed in an exchange of fire during Awards - The Golden Filter - Unselected Works Vol.

3. police raid. He fired an arrow into a clearing in the forest.


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