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But I could never tell my boyfriend that, it would break his heart. So it's my secret. RosyrainJun 28, Ok this is an interesting one. Lying is a little more complicated than that. Not all drug users are liars. Lying has more to do with a person's self esteem and what has been engrained in them. It is a matter of what is important to the Winchester Cathedral - Various - Hits Of The 60s. Fear, social situations, paranoia, and so forth.

Lying or being honest is taught as a child. The adult does what they have been taught or what works for them Dont Lie To Me - Foolhouse - Double Dealer of drug use. There are tons of non-drug users that lie. It is a stereo type. Is there a point when the lying ends? This is your question. Sounds like perhaps you are involved with someone and dealing with it.

This certainly is a great question if you are. I think that the answer to that is double sided. It is possible for it to stop, Dont Lie To Me - Foolhouse - Double Dealerthey have to want to change. If lying makes you angry and Dont Lie To Me - Foolhouse - Double Dealer notice that. More than likely they will lie more. You don't really want to take it personally because it really has nothing to do with you; even though it affects you.

It is their problem and they do it because they are on a very low level of thinking. You are higher. Plain and simple. The lying brings you down to their level if it bothers you.

If they verbally and consciously make the effort to be honest, then yes it will stop. Start a Wiki. Eli Loker. Ria Torres. Cal Lightman. Gillian Foster. Ben Reynolds. September 23, by Lzbth. Faces February 1, by Morganmarie. Lie to Me Wiki Looks Awesome! November 4, by Babyjabba.


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