Dollar Bill (Album Version) - Smoothe Da Hustler - Dollar Bill / My Brother My Ace

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Masta Ace, Inc — Born to Roll Snoop Doggy Dogg — The Shiznit MC Breed f. Tupac — I Gotta Get Mine De La Soul — Breakadawn Nubian Crackers f. Domino — Ghetto Jam The Nonce — Mix Tapes Freestyle Fellowship — Inner City Boundaries Boss — Deeper Tupac — Keep Your Head Up Redman — All Night Long Tragedy aka Intelligent Hoodlum — Grand Groove Jeru tha Damaja — Come Dollar Bill (Album Version) - Smoothe Da Hustler - Dollar Bill / My Brother My Ace Beatnuts — Reign of the Tec Snoop Doggy Dogg — Gin and Juice Wu-Tang Clan — Method Man Craig Mack f.

Notorious B. Nas — N. State of Mind 4. Jeru tha Damaja — D. Original 6. Gangstarr f. Artifacts — Wrong Side of Da Tracks 8. Smif N Wessun — Bucktown 9.

Organized Konfusion — Stress Pete Rock remix Crooklyn Dodgers — Crooklyn Method Man f. Group Home — Supa Star Gang Starr — The? KRS One f. Channel Live — Mad Izm A Tribe Called Quest f.

Busta Rhymes — One Two Shit The Coup — Dig It Casual — Lose in the End Saafir — Battle Drill KMD f. Lady of Rage — Afro Puffs Gravediggaz — Diary of a Madman No Naim — Oh My God remix Digable Planets — 9th Wonder Blackitolism The Fugees — Nappy Polyfolk Dance - Jean-Luc Ponty - Upon The Wings Of Music remix Outkast f.

Odd Squad — Fa Sho Big Mike — Playa Playa Dru Down — Ice Cream Man Warren G f. Nate Dog — Regulate Black Moon — Buck Em Down remix Trigger The Gambler 3. I will note that the music that accompanies the dialogue is unintentionally creepy at the very beginning; I almost expected this album to be the tale of a serial slasher that lives in the woods, cutting up nubile teens for sport. Or a diatribe against global warming, I don't know. Smoothe isn't the best rapper in the world, but his distinctive voice dares the listener to not pay attention when he speaks in rhyme form.

DR Period's instrumental plods away, as the drums certainly take their fucking time and I mean that in the best possible way. My only complaint is with the title. How can you tell people to "fuck" what they heard if this is the first actual song on the album?

DO you want me to "fuck" the intro? Because that shit's only legal in the South. I remember liking his voice, and when I finally got around to picking this up, I was pleasantly surprised to hear him singing some actual verses in addition to the hook on here. Smoothe sounds okay, I suppose, but DV steals this track right out of his grandmother's candy dish. A word of caution to all aspiring rappers: you should only reference a movie in your lyrics if it's actually a halfway decent flick: Demolition Man is not one of those movies, Smoothe.

The song itself is still great, and actually sounds better when you're twelve years removed from its original release date, especially when you look past the fact that Smoothe and Trigger are rhyming about absolutely nothing. Redman and Method Man are obviously fans, as you should be. I think it was a single at one point, but so what?

It's still a pretty good song, even though DV is only heard crooning in the background during the hook; you have to turn your speakers up loud in order to verify that he was Lágrimas De Amor - Los Tres Caballeros - Cuando Tú Me Quieras.

Vol. 2 present for the recording. Stay tuned, my two readers, for more on that subject. This song sounds ten times better than Στην Πιο Φτωχή Την Γειτονιά - Νίκος & Γιώργος Τζαβάρας* - Νειάτα Νειάτα Language" in my opinion, an opinion which is pretty much bulletproof at this point.

Smoothe's tendency to rhyme Trigger's words in reverse at random intervals is both interesting and educational. I respect that Profile Records needed to at least pretend to try to move units, but Smoothe Da Hustler is one of the last rappers that I would try to sell to a mainstream audience.

Sally - Grand Funk Railroad - Born To Die is a terrible way to Dollar Bill (Album Version) - Smoothe Da Hustler - Dollar Bill / My Brother My Ace your debut Bye Baby (Fairyland Version) - Ava & Stone - Bye Baby. I honestly doubt that today's fickle audience, brought up on the dominance of the South's, let's be honest here, bullshitwould even give this disc a second glance, which is a fucking shame.

It's not the best representative of New York hip hop, but it will unlock memories, which is what all good music tends to do anyway. In the mood for something different?

Trying to stray from the mainstream? You should buy this albumespecially if you're on a quest for nostalgia. Not every song is a winner, but there are enough bangers to warrant a trip to the used CD store, even with gas costing as much as it does today. Perfecta May 24, Anonymous May 24, Max May 24, Anonymous May 25, Unknown May 25, Anonymous May 26, Anonymous May 27, Anonymous May 28, Select Personnel - Dutch Superstars. Self Combustion-Aslan Feat Atma.

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