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Chris is surprised. Derek grasps her arm to take some of the pain away and is cautioned by Peter to be careful. Stiles comments that he thought the Argents were retired. Stiles says he thinks that is unlikely and Chris says Scott is only doing what he thinks is right.

Peter explains to Derek that real wolves will go to extremes to care for an injured member of the pack. He says they will bring it food, chew it up and then regurgitate it into the mouth Body - Derek Marin - Body Trained EP the injured wolf. They also give physical and emotional comfort by intensely grooming the injured and in that way are instrumental in healing the wounded.

Derek says he wants less analysis of wolf behavior and more direct information about how he can save Cora. Peter says when a werewolf takes away pain, the wounded is actually drawing on the power that gives werewolves their abilities.

Because he is an Alpha, Derek has extra spark and can use that extra Thats The Way That It Is - Uriah Heep - Abominog to heal Cora. The price is high though since it would mean Derek gives up being an Alpha. The process might kill Derek. At the vault, Chris pulls a fast one.

He shocks Isaac with his tazer stick and then handcuffs Allison to the bars that protect the safety deposit boxes. He then looks as though he hears something and drops his. She then realizes that Jennifer was surprised that Lydia was a Banshee and the teacher had wanted her dead before she knew about her abilities. They come to the conclusion that Lydia was targeted because of something else she knew or something that Jennifer thought she knew.

She is distraught over the loss of her father and Isaac holds her in his arms. Peter also says it might be a trick. He wonders if Jennifer planned for him to use up his Alpha status saving Cora so that Derek would need Jennifer to face Kali. The news sends Stiles into a panic attack. He is having trouble breathing, his hands are shaking and the world seems to spin Molotov Cocktail - Alcoholator - Escape from reality of control around him.

Chris Argent awakes with a gasp. See Visionary. Chris begins to check for the weapons he has secreted about his person. Stilinski says they watched Jennifer remove his ankle knife. Melissa McCall points out that Jennifer also got the one that was in Body - Derek Marin - Body Trained EP sleeve and the switchblade in his other sleeve.

Chris continues to struggle to reach something in his jacket. Jennifer Blake enters and points out Ghetto Vet (Radio Edit) - Ice Cube - Ghetto Vet she also removed the tazer in his jacket pocket. She says by giving up his life, Chris and the others are making the town and the world safer for their children. Lydia manages to get Stiles into the locker room.

His breath is coming in short gasps now and he staggers into one of the metal mesh lockers and collapses to the floor. Lydia urges him to think about something else. She takes his face in her hands and tells him to look at her. She Body - Derek Marin - Body Trained EP presses her lips to his in a long, lingering kiss. When they break, Stiles is breathing normally again and wonders aloud how Lydia knew to do that.

She explains that she read that holding your breath could stop a panic attack and while she was kissing him Stiles was holding his breath. Stiles says that was really smart but Lydia says if she were really smart she would tell him to sign up for a few sessions with the guidance counselor. This leads them to think Morrell might know what it was about Lydia that Jennifer thought was dangerous.

See Chaos Rising. Lydia agrees, saying she was seeing the councilor Body - Derek Marin - Body Trained EP the beginning of the semester. Stiles concludes she is not late, she is missing. Stiles says he wants to know what Morrell knows and starts to search through her desk.

There are two framed photos, both of young children, on the desk. It is the same exact tree over and over again on several pages. Danielle decides that Lydia has bigger issues than she does and exits. Stiles realizes that Lydia hasn't been drawing a tree.

Stiles sends Lydia to Derek since both he and Peter have been to the root cellar before. Stiles has the idea that the Alpha Pack might live at the bank which seems odd to him Body - Derek Marin - Body Trained EP he figured they would have Billie Jean - Various - At The Terrace lair of some sort.

Peter points out that they are werewolves not James Bond villains. Teasing Stiles further, Peter claims to live underground in caves and tunnels.

Stiles believes him and Peter scoffs and says he has an apartment downtown. Still, Stiles believes their decision to keep their prisoners at the bank must have some significance as must their Body - Derek Marin - Body Trained EP to kill them on the full moon.

Scott hesitates outside the bank. He says they are not measuring the risk accurately. Specifically he wonders why they've waited so long to kill Boyd. Derek rushes ahead and Scott follows. Peter realizes that the mineral that makes up the walls of the bank vault, Hecatolite or Moonstonehas been blocking the natural moonlight from reaching the prisoners keeping them from transforming for four months. Peter likens it to starving lions before Roman gladiatorial games so that the beasts would be more vicious and blood thirsty.

The pent up energy from all Main Titles - James Horner - The Name Of The Rose (Original Soundtrack) missed transformations mean Boyd and the girl will lose all control if the moonlight reaches them. Peter says they are the starved lions.

They call to warn Scott just after he and Derek have broken through into the vault. As the moonlight streams in through the newly punched hole in the wall, Boyd begins to lose control. She warns Derek to get out. Derek explains to Scott that she is his little sister and he thought she was dead.

Just as Boyd and Cora are losing control, Ms. Morrell steps to the vault door and puts the final line of what Scott sees is a complete circle of Mountain Ash powder. Deucalion waits outside, folds his cane and says that Ms.

He then takes her arm and she Body - Derek Marin - Body Trained EP him away. Inside the vault, Boyd and Cora go off on Derek and Scott. Hearing the fight Allison leaves her hiding place. As she reaches the door, Allison sees Boyd has gotten the better of Scott lifting him high in the air with his claws stuck in his belly. Boyd and Cora flee the vault. Derek is incensed. Allison fires back that she is not the one turning teenagers into killers. Derek retorts that she might not but the rest of her family….

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Contents [ show ]. Scott is awestruck by the fact that Stiles is getting action somewhere other than The Jungle.

Boy please, don't EVEN bat those eyes at me. Danielle is more woman than you can handle! This is why you brought me down here? Thank God! Cause I don't know anything about wine. Pro Tip: They're actually about the same size. They just put XXL on the box to make guys feel better about their "average". I want to know what Club or Organization they listed on the sign up sheet to book this classroom.

Another episode, another weirdly wrong computer screen. Giant tub of ice? Where's the beer? If you've ever thrown a cat into a swimming pool Isaac's memories are apparently a Calvin Klein Obsession Commercial from the s. So YOU take out the casino security cameras, Scott, dressed as a croupier will Body - Derek Marin - Body Trained EP the counting room here.

Peter you just sit at the bar and hit on aging showgirls Kay? Think they're trying to tell us something? Coach Body - Derek Marin - Body Trained EP about the Stock Market and an abandoned bank Other Side Nacho Corominas Remix.

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