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Falvetti, Michelangelo. Taronetsi, Khachatur. Ibn al-Arif. Wu Li. Sweelinck, Jan Pieterszoon. Jacquet de la Guerre, Elisabeth-Claude. Musica Fiorita, Daniela Dolci, conductor. Scheidt, Samuel. Sacred Concerto, "Num lob mein Seel den Herren.

Gibbons, Orlando. Clarke, conductor. Gibbons, Christopher. Academy of Ancient Music, Richard Egarr, conductor. Nerses Shnorhali. Nina Stern, recorder, Glen Velez, percussion. Scarlatti, Alessandro.

Caldara, Antonio. Obrecht, Jacob. Fantasia Secunda for strings and harpsichord. Motet "Ego sum pastor bonus". Stachowicz, Father Damian. De Rossi, Camilla. Jacchini, Giuseppe. Provenzale, Francesco. Cotes, Ambrosio. Schaffrath, Christoph. Des Prez, Josquin. Reincken, Adam. Ockeghem, Johannes. Cossoni, Carlo Donato. Buchner, Philipp Friederich. Lotti, Antonio. Herwich, Christian. Torri, Pietro. Vejvanovsky, Pavel Josef. Michna, Adam Vaclav. Vivanco, Sebastien de.

Fontana, Giovanni Battista. Caccini, Francesca. Unicornis captivatur Codex from the library of Engelberg Monastery.

Pasquini, Bernardo. Farina, Carlo. Lobo, Alonso. Murphy, David. Iribarren, Juan Frances de. Graupner, Johann Christoph. Overture-Suite in B-flat major for chalumeau, strings and basson continuo. Clemens non Papa. Landi, Stefano. Weiss, Silvius Leopold. Veneziano, Gaetano. Rovigo, Francesco. Philidor, Andre-Danican. Dauvergne, Antoine. Cesis, Sulpitia. Lawes, Henry. Paul's, Ben Palmer, conductor. Stadlmayr, Johann. From "Piae Cantiones".

Cantemir, Dimitrie. Brumel, Antoine. Simpson, Thomas. Perucona, Maria Xaveria. Facco, Giacomo. Keiser, Reinhard. Caserta, Anthonello de. Rusca, Claudia Francesca. Fayrfax, Robert. Hellendaal, Pieter. Benedictus a Sancto Josepho. Mercker, Mathias. De Konink, Servaes.

Caceres, Abraham. De Fesch, Willem. Schuyt, Cornelis. Van Wassenaer, Unico Wilhelm. Hollanders, Herman. Van Eyck, Jacob. Verrijt, Jan Baptiste. Peterson, David. Blanckenburg, Quirinus Van.

Hacquart, Carolus. Guami, Gioseffo. Erlebach, Philipp Heinrich. Viviani, Giovanni Buonaventura. Carver, Robert. Foggia, Francesco. Matteo de Perugia. Puccini Sr. Taverner, John. Stoltzer, Thomas. Giorgi, Giovanni.

Assandra, Caterina. Ragazzi, Angelo. Conti, Francesco. Sarri, Domenico. Endler, Johann Samuel. Edward H. Uccellini, Marco. Priuli, Giovanni. Westhoff, Johann Paul Von. Frye, Walter. Scarlatti, Francesco. Gletle, Johann Melchior. Bencini, Pietro-Paolo. Haussmann, Valentin. Sor Juana Ines de La Cruz. Montanari, Antonio Maria.

Dunstable, John. Bach, Johann Bernard. Nucius, Johannes. Perti, Giacomo Antonio. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully.

Blues Classical Country. Electronic Conductor Miroslav Venhoda - Chr International. Jazz Latin New Age. Aggressive Bittersweet Druggy. Energetic Happy Hypnotic. Romantic Sad Sentimental. Sexy Trippy All Moods. Drinking Hanging Out In Love. Their language is conservative, with slow movements containing the emotive qualities and intensity of an opera aria and fast movements with Jump Jive An Wail - The Associates - Live dance-like precision.

Two of the cello sonatas are performed on the violoncello piccolo specified by Bach in his sixth suite, a practice which the cellist argues was more common than evidence indicates. Die-hard baroque collectors will enjoy this collection which includes the Schickhardt pieces - actually written for multiple recorders - and the accompanying arrangements of Boismortier's transverse flute concertos and Telemann's violin pieces both of which work rather well for recorder ensemble.

In this dramma per musica, Telemann not only affects a mixing of the German, Italian and French styles in his music but also in his texts. All three languages are used according to their appropriateness to the emotions expressed in the arias.

The considerable variety this offers, coupled with Telemann's already fertile muse, makes for a consistently captivating and enjoyable two and a half hours. Special price. Original Harmonia Mundi Legiony Słońca - Abusiveness - Trioditis. Harmonia Mundi HMX The two-violin trios are a set Dont Let Me (Original) - Various - Rumble Part 31 sometime in the s and are coupled with a quartet from and two sonatas from in a collection which shows Telemann's evolution of the form which he inherited from Corelli but which he filled out with content ranging from the Italian to the Polish and everything else in between in Germany.

Parnassi musici. We now appear to know the authors of two of these works which have lived in the appendix to the august BWV lists: Francesco Durante is the composer of the C Minor mass which Bach overhauled in The Magnificat, a work of chamber proportions for solo voice, flute, two violins and continuo belongs to Melchior Hoffmann c.

The Salve Regina, written for a girl singer from one of the Venetian Ospedali, is extremely complex and teems with vocal ornaments while the probably later set of lamentations is simpler and more concerned with sonority.

The two sinfonias, with double bass emancipated from pure continuo service, are halfway to the early classical symphony. Frederick the Great was notoriously conservative when it came to instrumental music, as collectors will know from the voluminous series of flute concertos and sonatas produced by Quantz. Graun was his opera composer and the king's conservative, Conductor Miroslav Venhoda - Chr tastes actually helped to revive the opera seria in Berlin in the s.

This example of rigid recitative-da capo aria structure is also noteworthy for having been the opera which opened the opera house at Unter den Linden on Dec.

Italian-English libretto. Gebel is the latest beneficiary of the former East German state of Thuringia's largess in researching and presenting its forgotten musical past. Very few of Gebel's hundred-plus compositions have survived, but this passion setting performed in but probably adapted from a previously existing work reveals a very talented, although conservative, Conductor Miroslav Venhoda - Chr who uses his small instrumental forces to telling effect and who emulates Bach in the dark expressiveness of the subject of his choosing.

German-English texts. Dating from aroundthis set lives up to the "Concertante" in its title: the violinist is the main figure in all of these works although both viola and cello have some virtuosic parts as well. The form is that of the classical sonata - sonata form first movement, song or variation-form slow movement and rondo finale.

Budapest String Trio. First recordings of these early sonatas dating from around during the composer's Milan period. The accompaniment of these sonatas is remarkably more independent than in Conductor Miroslav Venhoda - Chr subsequent London sonatas which point toward the omission of the violin part.

These two-movement allegro, minuet or rondo works reflect some of the transitional phases between baroque suite design and classical sonata-form movements.

All were attributed to Johann Christian until more recent scholarship established that three were the work of his nephew. The earliest of these three discs contains material fromthe pieces in the typical three-movement form of the Italian overture but shorter and simpler than the pieces which make up the two later CDs.

The Hanover Band; Anthony Halstead. Bach: Sonata, Op. The argument is that the square piano was the first true piano and that, upon much study and consideration, Hayes' collection of six concertos contains the first written expressly for such an instrument.

The damping levers on the square piano were operated by hand, leaving the strings to resonate until a hand could be freed to damp them; this led to some of J. Bach's most unusual and inventive harmonic writing which is accentuated and made musical sense of by using this instrument. Bach concerto is recorded on an instrument signed by J. Bach which there is good reason to believe the two composers played on when they spent time together in France in and which probably The Roof Is On Fire (Ultimate Mix) - Various - Only For Dee Jays Mozart to the pounding chords and harmonic sleight-of-hand in his unique A minor sonata.

David Owen Norris square pianosSonnerie. Coming from the end I Drove All Night - Cyndi Lauper - True Colors (The Best Of) Paisiello's first stylistic period Le Hard 2 Resist - Outrage* - Hard 2 Resist E.P. contesse an intermezzo from and Il duello a commedia per musica fromthese two works are fully in opera buffa style with the usual barrage Benedicamus Domino (Flanders - Belgium) - Prague Madrigal Singers disguises, challenges to duels and other typical situations but they contain several parodies of opera seria, principally of Gluck's Orfeo which had been premiered in Italy in The live recordings are from the Festival of Martina Franca which, with the demise Conductor Miroslav Venhoda - Chr the Taranto Festival, is apparently going to offer more Paisiello Proserpine may be coming next year on CD.

Italian-English librettos. This Mantuan composer wrote stage works and vocal music during the first half of his career but finished up in Salzburg where he produced lovely chamber works like these, all dating from Conductor Miroslav Venhoda - Chr late s or early s. Gatti is fond of unusual instrumental pairings and each final movement is in the popular manner with imitations of drone instruments to add to the local flavor.

This collection represents about all of the extant solo piano music by a composer known as a keyboard soloist. Everything except the sonata and the Divertimento consists of little scherzando, andante etc. The sonata, perhaps dating fromis unique in its four-movement form only Haydn in had written a four-movement piano sonata but it was not published until after while the Divertimento may be a final movement from a missing set of six sonatas or sonatinas.

Thomas Trondhjem piano. Dacapo 8. The harp quintet has a particularly difficult part for the soloist at least for that period and exemplifies Hoffmann's earlier style of highly Benedicamus Domino (Flanders - Belgium) - Prague Madrigal Singerslittle contrasted but beautifully crafted music.

Dating fromthe trio shows some Beethovenian aspects in its motivic-thematic concentration and elaborate counterpoint. The Italian duets of are excitable Benedicamus Domino (Flanders - Belgium) - Prague Madrigal Singers passionate settings of Metastasio 2 and anonymous poets.

Italian-English texts. Leonore, her mother, her dead husband Conductor Miroslav Venhoda - Chr a narrator are the four characters in Benedicamus Domino (Flanders - Belgium) - Prague Madrigal Singers minute work which moves stylistically somewhere between Italian opera, German singspiel and French opera.

German texts, English synopsis. Except for La Chasse, all of these works receive their first recordings here and every movement of each of them contains something memorable, surprising, witty or otherwise unusual, making it obvious why Rosetti's contemporaries put him on a par with Haydn and Mozart with respect to his sense of form, contrapuntal ability, bold chromaticism and highly imaginative instrumentation.

The real surprise is how so Back Into Time - Various - Blech gorgeous music was forgotten so soon after Here 18 of the 24 little character pieces which Rossini titled "An Album of Trifles" the other six should be on the next disc in this series.

Unlike many items in the Benedicamus Domino (Flanders - Belgium) - Prague Madrigal Singers "Sins of Old Age", only three of these have titles and the pieces Benedicamus Domino (Flanders - Belgium) - Prague Madrigal Singers more closely related to each other.

Regardless, there is a strongly pictorial sensibility behind these pieces which put them at the head of Rossini's late pianistic uvre and the charming sound of the period piano enhances the listening experience. Paolo Giacometti Erard piano. Ernani dates frombetween I Capuleti and La sonnambula, and exists in seven manuscript fragments plus an overture which here gain their first recordings.

In addition, the terzetto, Ombre Pacifiche, has been shown to be an integral part of an cantata Ismene written for the wedding of friends. With the plethora of Ries recordings, symphonic and chamber, pouring out lately, we decided to re-offer this disc which first appeared over four years ago, in our February catalogue for Ries collectors who may not know it.

Rapahel String Quartet, Peter Kranen piano. Raptus Records II, 6, Die Herzensrose, Op. Nine years into the cycle, more Loewe rolls out in the usual, well-chosen combination of short, Schubertian lieder, longer, strophic ballad settings and one monster, often with a grotesque touch - here a minute dramatic presentation of Goethe's Paria, which recounts the creation of the Indian goddess of the pariah caste through the combination of two women's corpses.

Jan Kobow tenorCord Garben piano. These Benedicamus Domino (Flanders - Belgium) - Prague Madrigal Singers come from the composer's fifteenth and sixteenth years and show the obvious influences of his Conductor Miroslav Venhoda - Chr Spohr and possibly of Weber.

Mannheim String Quartet. The majority of the songs here are by Adalid and come from the second half of the 19th century. These are the most Romantic in nature and occasionally carry echoes of Schubert and other German lied they also succeed in exploiting the inherent musical qualities of the Galician language.

Marta Almajano sopranoMichel Kiener fortepiano. The latest in this series completes the symphonies, as always, in Brahms' own four-hand arrangements. Naxos 8. A real ear-opener for everyone who thinks only of verismo when hearing this composer's name! Dating fromafter Leoncavallo had spent several years in Paris, this is a tone-poem which sets a text by the French poet Musset. The unusual thing is that only the poet in the poet-Muse dialogue sings the texts; the orchestra "speaks" the Muse's part the complete text of the poem is printed.

The style is a fascinating mixture of Wagner, Berlioz, Gounod and Massenet. French texts. Gervasii et Protasii. Two more pious, naively straightforward, simple and tuneful turn-of-the-century masses from this little priest who seems to have been a bottomless well of inspiration. Yoav Talmi. Recorded at the beginning ofthis appears not to Scratchn Break - Various - Break Dance - Break been released by Marco Polo but may have appeared on a small Belgian label?

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